Goldfaden MD  [skincare]: Breaking traditional beauty molds and highlighting ingredient transparency inspired the broken mirror concept. 

Lumene [skincare]: Inspired by the Arctic and the Nordic way of life, a frozen landscape was created to showcase the brand's philosophy.

Aerin - Rose Eau de Cologne [fragrance]: Inspired by soothing and fragrant floral milk baths.

Bobbi Brown - SPF Foundation and Foundation Stick [makeup]: Foundation that feels so feather light like a dandelion.

Estée Lauder - Pure Color Envy [makeup]: Highlighting the various shades and colors in the form of a beautiful gown.

Blanc De La Mer [skincare]: If the ocean were to design a dress for the red carpet...
Avene YstheAL 
Michael Hill
Coach - Dinky
Clarins - Makeup
Ohlolly - Skincare
Dermalogica - Daily Superfoliant
Daniel Wellington

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