What does "Clothes to Midnight" mean?

It stems from the much beloved fairytale, Cinderella. At the stroke of midnight, Cinderella abandoned Prince Charming because of the fear that he would see her in rags. Even when all was lost, she was not bitter. Instead, she relished the moment that was spent and was thankful that she even had an opportunity to be someone. She remained hopeful. That is exactly how I want to be. Even when everything becomes nothing, I want to choose to have hope. 

As a freelance costume designer, the road gets tough. (No, not the kind that makes cosplay costumes for comic conventions, but the kind that paints a story with clothing.) I designed for theater during my school years, but since moving to LA, I've been working on mainly short films and music videos. It's definitely not an easy journey.

Initially, I started this blog as a device to document my everyday outfits, but I realized that my job should go hand in hand with my blog. After all, costume design and fashion are closely related. Costume designers spend an incredible amount of time and energy coming up with looks that you see on the big screen. We analyze a character's background, history, social economical standing, age, religion, etc. There's so much more to it than simply putting someone in a dress or a suit.

So, with this blog, I wish to not only inspire and share my personal stylistic choices, but at the same time, I do hope to showcase the vast amount of talent that costume designers possess in making what we call "movie magic."


What type of camera do you use? 

Canon 6D

Who takes all your photos?

Depends whoever is around. It's ranged from my brothers to my friends, but primarily my husband.

Your Instagram has an array of things from fashion to artsy things. Why is that?

I have a lot of artistic interests. I like to use my platform to showcase the different type of skills I have, which encompass: photography, illustrations, arts and crafts. When I'm working with brands, I want to show that I can do all these different things and that I'm not the average blogger.

Is Instagram your full time job?

No. I work part time as a social media manager and I also freelance costume design. Every now and then I also accept illustration and graphic design gigs.


Maggie S. Chan

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