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Kbeauty is taking the world by storm and I'm so excited to share another collaboration with my favorite beauty store, Ohlolly. I didn't talk about the background story in my last post so I wanted to highlight why I choose Ohlolly over other Korean online stores. It's founded by 2 sisters (Sue and Herra) who share a love for beauty and passion for curating the finest Korean skincare. They also have a great eye for aesthetics and since I'm a sucker for graphic design and a beautiful Instagram feed (@ohlollybeauty), you'll understand why. If you're into clean beauty, you'll find a lot of products that are natural, plant-based and packed with unique ingredients that you can't find elsewhere. Another positive thing about K-Beauty is that the majority of brands actually are cruelty-free (although some of them don't disclose this). So without further adieu, here are some great product recommendations that I have tried. 

Also, scroll down for the 20% off your entire purchase code.

In collaboration with Ohlolly
Benton Honest TT Mist

Benton is actually one of my favorite brands on the website because of their aim towards using more natural ingredients. They also avoid using parabens, mineral oil, alcohol, benzophenone, chemical preservatives and steroids, which is a huge plus in my book.

I've always thought I had dry skin, but in reality, I have super combination skin along with adult hormonal acne that developed in the recent year. I never had acne problems before, but I'm being more careful about what I put on my skin and I find that natural ingredient based products tend to not cause my acne to get worst. The entire line of Benton is amazing and I highly recommend it. Another thing to note is that, the mist is perfect for acne prone skin because it's made with 85% tea tree ingredients.

This unique cotton swab that's 5x bigger than your average q-tip is used to gently exfoliate your skin while you sleep. (It's recommended to use it during your night routine, but if you use it during the day, make sure to wear plenty of sunblock.) I have really thin skin (if you can easily see your veins, you probably have a thinner epidermis as well). Products like St. Ives' scrubs are really harmful because it can wear down that protective layer really fast. Even gentle scrubs like Tatcha's Rice Enzyme Powder can be harsh if not used accordingly. My esthetician recommended that I do very gentle peels that have AHA or BHA and this little guy is perfect. The cotton swab is soaked in 5% AHA, BHA, and papaya extracts that gently exfoliate the skin while sleeping. I woke up with lightened acne scars and my overall complexion was smoother and brighter. 

Someone once told me that sheet masks are basically the remedy to aging skin. She recommended me to use a sheet mask every single day, no matter the price. She claimed it helped her skin tremendously. I can't say I have been very diligent about this, but I have been using maybe 3-4 a week and I've noticed that my skin is significantly more hydrated and bouncy. When I apply foundation, it glides on smoothly without the need of primer. (Primer is the devil if you have acne prone skin because it basically clogs your pores and doesn't let your skin breathe.)

Sue actually recommended me to try Huxley's Oil and Extract Mask after I told her my skin was always dehydrated. First impressions? The mask itself is extremely well made with tightly woven microfibers, which is 150 times finer than regular fibers. It adheres to the skin very well. Comparing it to Tony Moly's sheet masks, Huxley definitely wins the medal (given that Huxley is 3x more expensive than Tony Moly). After leaving the mask on for 20 minutes, I would say my skin felt extremely hydrated. I feel like my acne scars became lighter and some of my acne actually smoothed out a bit. Maybe this is partially because it has prickly pear oil and cactus extract as its main ingredients, but either way, I'm a fan!
Congrats for making it all the way down here! Because Ohlolly is so awesome, they wanted to provide a personal discount for all my readers. Use code: MAGGIE20 for 20% off your entire purchase. Please note, everything will be final sale, but I highly recommend stocking up on these face masks! Offer runs from today till August 24th. 

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  1. Such a great review Maggie! I am a K-beauty product junkie as well and I'm surprised that I have not heard nor used Ohlolly yet. It is def a website I will now take a look. I love discovering new products that is natural, less harsh on the skin and that big cotton ball really caught my attention. Thanks for the recommendation and I will check out these products asap.

    xo Sheree

  2. I love K Beauty products and since I am Korean I love that they are taking over the beauty world with all of their secrets. Korean women have the most amazing skin and I've seen that first hand when visiting Korea last year. There is definitely something they are doing right. I totally need that large Q-tip and can't wait to have it work overnight on my skin. I have some dark spots that are forming that I want to lighten so the combination with the Q-Tip and the masks may be the solution I am looking for. I will look into Oh Lolly site and make some purchases based on your recs! xoxo, Christine

  3. Oh wow! Tbh I've been staring at that bling bling photo of u cuz it's too mesmerizing! Wow didn't know that primers clog the skin more than foundation because primers help make the foundation last longer on my skin - I do have combination skin so my makeup tend to melt by the end of the day. And as for sheet mask, I think many celebrities swear by it too! Models like Fan Bingbing masks at least once a day.. Guess I'm more on the lazy side cuz mask feels too rich on my skin & causes it to breakout.
    That said, I stopped using primer and foundation altogether and am letting my skin heal now. Glad you're into natural non-toxic skincare too Maggie!

    xx Aldora

  4. I love that you gave us some back group behind Ohlolly! It's good to know they are mostly plant based and cruelty free! Benton is something I feel my husband could really benefit from. A'Pieu Aqua Peeling Cotton Swab really intrigued me and I'd definitely like to try it out! I currently do use Tatcha and I'd say my skin is relatively sensitive. I haven't had an issue yet but I love that this is a very gentle peel that works while you're sleeping. I've recently been trying to do a mask every day as well. The difference in my skin is incredible! Huxley's Oil and Extract Mask looks like a wonderful mask and I love that it stays on well. I cannot stand when I feel like I have to lay down to have a face mask stay on! Thank you for the introduction to these amazing brands!

    Manda |

  5. I've been meaning to try K beauty and I'm noticing a lot of the Australian retailers are finally catching onto the fact that the products are amazing compared to your drugstore brands. Couldn't agree with you more on primers and I've found that the skin smoothing primers always make my skin break out and now with my hormonal changes from the pregnancy, I can't afford to use anything that makes me break out!

    Ohlolly sounds like they have such an awesome range and that peeling swab sounds like something I need to try!

    Helen xx

  6. I love hearing about new beauty brands and Ohlolly sounds amazing! I too suffer from adult acne so anything with tea tree is always a great option. The peeling cotton swap looks really interesting- I've never seen anything like it before and I love the fact that it works its magic whilst you sleep.

    Rachel xx

  7. I'm am just now discovering how amazing K Beauty is!! I've always had skin concerns, acne, redness etc. It's great to hear that Ohlolly has such fabulous products. I'll head over to their website now to check it out. Thanks so much for sharing!

    J . x

  8. This is such an amazing review! I have actually heard many things about K beauty somethings positive and somethings negative. But honestly it seems like it works really really well. Any skin problems are certainly a concern of mine. Even though I don't have problems often, whenever I get a pimple or two it's always a bad time! I'm currently using a cream that actually works really well for me but I've been looking to try new products. This one looks great I will definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing !!


  9. To be honest, I have tried so many different Korean products and they are all amazing! I never had any disappointments in any brands that they sell. I love K beauty is getting so popular not only in Asia, but also recognized by Americans. I am looking forward to see their products in many department stores. I need to try Ohlolly!

  10. I got hit with adult acne in my 20s and it was tough. And now that I'm in my 40s my skin is dry and even more irritable. I LOVE K-beauty. I used to do more masks but I got lazy and I clearly need to start up again. That mask sounds amazing and I gotta go check out Oholly asap!!

  11. Thanks for that tip you added in there about using sheet masks! I have several sheet masks and I haven't touched a single one :/ Maybe this is the missing ingredient to helping my dry skin! I also need to make it a point to try more Korean brands. I have a couple of makeup items from Korea and they are seriously some of my fave!

  12. Korean beauty is taking over! I have tried a few Korean sheet masks that a company sent me, and I fell in love! Thank you for introducing me to Ohlolly! After my collaboration, I had no idea where I could buy more. I also have oily combination skin with adult hormonal acne. I'll definitely have to try the Benton products.

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    Korean Beauty products are the Bests, really, I had a chance t try out some Sheet Masks already and works Like Magic with my Skin, really:)
    Never heard about Ohlolly:)
    But now you made me so curious:)
    Since I am crazy about Korean Beauty:)
    Definitely will check out now:)

    Happy Friday
    Love Open Kloset By Karina

  14. I've checked their Instagram account and I love it! How many cool products they have. I'm a big fan of Kbeauty, I think Korea has the best beauty industry in the world.
    I enjoyed reading your review, thank you for your honest opinion. I really would like to try Huxley's Oil and Extract Mask, as my skin is very dry and dehydrated.

  15. Hey love!

    Such a nice collaboration with Ohlolly! It’s one of my favorite brands and I’m happy to read about it! I always need natural ingredients for my dry skin and their products is what I need in my daily life! I can’t agree more with your beautiful words about this brend!


  16. fab post babe! I have to admit Korea knows about beauty! I use a few and will be definately be checking out these guys Ohlolly. Have a fab week babe XOWP

  17. Shame on me, I've never heard of this brand before and tried not that much of Korean beauty products. But this sheet mask sounds like an amazing product to try out. To be honest, I'm a big fan of sheet masks, so this one is already on my bucket list, haha :)
    A'Pieu Aqua Peeling Cotton Swab looks so peculiar, however I would love to give it a try :) Great review. Thanks for sharing all of this with us, I'm always looking for some new products and these are definitely something I would love to try!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  18. Never heard of Ohlolly but their packaging looks amazing!! I would definitely want to try it one day. Just checked out their instagram account too, all the photos look amazing.

    xx, Jessie


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