How to Stay Inspired this Summer

Summer is the season of relaxation. My mind is always wandering to the next vacation. Whether you are a blogger or a working individual, I want to actually challenge you to find inspiration during the summer so you're ready to tackle the glooms of Fall and Winter. 

1. Discover new landmarks
This one is kind of a given, but take a road trip around your city or look up historical/filming locations. I recently downloaded the Discover LA app and found it to be really useful. There are so many film sites I have yet to visit and good architecture is always inspirational.

2. Visit museums
I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but you can't doubt how inspiring it is to look at old artifacts or modern art. My product photography is usually heavily inspired by modern artists and their beautiful exhibitions. I don't always post up my museum experiences on the blog, but you'll find some pictures on my Instagram though so follow along to stay up to date! This is taken from The 14th Factory in Downtown LA.

3. Get back to nature 
I honestly believe there's nothing more beautiful than nature itself. Every sunset sky is painted differently. One of these days, I really need to take my art outside and paint just like how Monet did. (Maybe not to his level, but he certainly understood the beauty of being one with nature.)

4. Talk to your creative friends
Great ideas don't always happen with a single mind, but often times while exchanging ideas with other people. I always find it really inspiring to see what others are working on.

To be honest, I've been stuck creatively because although I shouldn't find validity in the number of Instagram likes, I get disappointed quite often. Sometimes, I pour my heart and soul into a project and nobody really seems to care; and a OOTD photo taken with my iPhone would garner more likes than an artistic piece that I worked really hard on. It can be quite discouraging. I end up telling myself that maybe I shouldn't be so creative, or that I should just take iPhone photos all the time. However, my husband always reminds me to keep myself grounded and to remember why I'm doing the things I do. I'm a creative individual and that should never stop me from the pursuit of my art.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Cassie! Got it from the Zara sale for $25! Woo!

  2. Babe! This post is so chic-- I love all the ideas you have for getting re-inspired. The museum looks beautiful! As a fulltime blogger I feel you on how hard it can be to stay "creative" especially on Instagram sometimes. Despite that you're KILLING IT and I absolutely loved this post, I never would have thought about seeing a museum or two I always just immediately try and travel! PS this dress is so dang chic! I'm in love ! -xx

  3. Wow, what a stunning dress and shoot location! I love these inspirational tips and they are all very true. I haven't been to that museum yet but it looks so cool. I prefer modern museums and this one fits the bill. With this whole IG craze and all their changes, it is so easy to get discouraged and we all feel it, but I agree with your hubbie, as long as we stay true to what we love, it'll pay off in the end. Thanks for these tips and now I need to grab this dress on sale! xoxo, Christine

  4. Oh goooooosh!!!
    I lovelovelove your yellow dress!
    you know what... I was disappointed by a shortage of likes on my instagram page as well, but eventually I've learned how to cope with such kind of frustration!


  5. I know it is so hard to not feel disappointed with a creative project that you've worked really hard on! But many artists have thousands of failed pieces before one of them got recognized and hit big! I'm a huge art buff (not to brag, but I did aced AP Art History in HS and once had membership to every museums in LA) and I really like visiting new exhibits whether it is pop culture or classical, I always find inspirations going to these place and feel creatively challenged when I go. We've talked briefly about the gimmick and schemes of Instagram and it is so hard not to be caught in the numbers game. I agree with your hubby, keep pushing and keep creating original and authentic photos and posts. I find your Instagram a refreshing piece of art and I'm always really excited to see what product shoot you create.

    xo Sheree

  6. Wow this is amazing! This is super helpful! Planning things to do during summer especially with my kids around is so complicated. On anotehr note, I lovee that cute yellow dress you are wearing. It's so stylish and I love the flowy look of it. Also adoree that hat, I have one just like that one! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post, I enjoyed reading all about it. You look superrrr gorgeous!

    Vanessa, xo!

  7. Absolutely love all your ideas on how to keep inspired this summer ❤️ Yellow looks sooooo good on you 😍 Such a gorgeous summer dress

  8. Great tips, thank you. I'm so lazy during the summer, all what I want to do is stay by the beach, read books and eat ice cream, I hope your tips will help me in my summer coma. You dress is great, love this shade of yellow so much.

  9. It's ironic that you are talking about ways to be inspired and this post is actually extremely inspiring! I love your suggestions about going somewhere new and visiting museums and I absolutely love this yellow outfit! Stunning!

  10. I love this post! My mind is always wandering to the next vacation as well. I needed this for inspiration. I love going to museums and discovering new things, but I have realized that I haven't in so long! I definitely need to change this!

    Also, your yellow dress is stunning!


  11. Yellow is definitely In for this summer! Revolve has yellow outfits everywhere on their website! This dress of yours is so cute! and such a nice popping colour! Would be a great dress for beach getaway!

    xx, Jessie

  12. That first picture really set the scene.
    Unfortunately I'm in the doom and gloom that is winter right now.
    But I loved all your tips I love going to museums and Also find them a great source for getting inspiration.
    I know what you mean usually the shots I don't really love get the most love and the most creative ones get less loved so frustrating ha ha,but you know what not everybody appreciates amazing work but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.
    Natalia k

  13. God that dress looks amazing on you! I've kinda strayed away from yellow but I'm really loving how you're wearing it. And we all get a little bit of uninspired from time to time! I know I do! But I love your aesthetic and style and appreciate your transparency! Especially love the tips for winter/fall when the sunshine will be gone and I'll be in serious need of some museums visits!

  14. I love all your ideas you shared. Museums are my favourite too but we don't have many in Vancouver. I miss Europe because of all the architectures and amazing museums. Nature is beautiful, I usually go for a long run around the sea wall after my work and it helps me visualize my dreams more clearly. Your husband is right don't give up on creating what you love to create. Just because you don't get much likes it doesn't mean is not beautiful nor creative. I love your aesthetic and your style and this yellow dress looks so pretty on you !
    Aurela x

  15. I really love the outfit you wore and the tips that you shared! Personally I love visiting museums as it has a representation of the life and culture of the city or country. Not to mention that it inspires and open up New perspectives.
    I love what you are doing with your blog and the creatives that you have worked so hard on. Please don't stop inspiring us!

  16. Hey Love,
    Hows you?
    I totally understand you, I am a full time blogger and sometimes i have difficulties to get creative...
    loved your Tipps, soooo Helpful:)
    Love Museums sooo much, History was my favorite:)
    And Yellow looks Sooo Amazing on you, Pls wear more:)))) Adore :)
    Love and Happy Week
    Open Kloset By Karina

  17. Great ideas for summer inspo! And yeah, you really can't get caught up in the numbers game. As long as you're seeing growth, then you know you're moving in the right direction. You never know which photo will go viral. Love the yellow dress - yellow always makes me smile :)

  18. Oh I absolutely love your creative flat lay posts on IG. I think the like count is less because it's human nature that people like seeing a person in a photo more than products. So your iPhone OOTD shots may get more likes because you are in it. But your husband is right, keep up with your art work because I think it's very unique. No other bloggers does it like you!
    I love these tips to keep inspired, my husband and I explore the city and drive up to the mountains to be close to nature all the time. It certainly helps when feeling overwhelmed with work.

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  19. Omg, I totally get what you mean! The things that I take my time to really curate and create, nothing. A selfie, everyone loves it! Smh. But thanks for these tips on staying inspired, lately I haven't been as excited about creating great content because I've been so lost. I think I definitely need a nice trip to a museum to get my creative juices flowing.

  20. It's good your husband is around at those times when you feel like just hitting it off with your iPhone and don't give a crap about being creative. I believe we stare ourselves blind on numbers and that we try to pursue something that is just not us. We shouldn't do what other are doing, but doing things we're good at. Your tips are really good as I sometimes also lack inspiration. Going to museums is one of my favorites and my "me time" thing to do. I love to spend hours in museums and just soak in both the art and the atmosphere. Nature is something that also gives me inspiration, whether it be in a beautiful forest or a wonderful beach. As I'm facing a heapload of work on my blog the next coming weeks I really feel more inspired after reading this, so thanks a heap! :)
    Thomas xx

  21. loving this yellow on you- so cheerful! and adore the pom pom trim on your hat- pretty sure i have the exact same one! i find my inspiration in nature- i love hikes and gardens, and in museums- like you! this is reminding me that i need to reserve tickets to go back to the broad here in la!

    best- rc


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