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Summer is fast approaching and now is the time to plan your perfect vacation or better yet, staycation. Yes, I have Bali-Iceland-Japan-envy too, but let's face it, who has the time and luxury to travel internationally? I've lived in LA for two and a half years now, and I've only discovered the Venice Beach Canals. It's behind a residential neighborhood and I would have never guessed that behind these multimillion dollar homes, there was a quiet, and serene little water passageway that was inspired by the real canals of Italy. There are so many beautiful hidden treasures that have yet to be discovered in your city and it's definitely a much more affordable alternative. 

If you've ever visited LA, Venice Beach is one of the top most visited places, but if you're a local, you know that it's a boiling pot for entertainers, artistic venues and the eccentric. Often times, it can get a little weird and uncomfortable, but here's a list of things that are worth checking out besides the Venice Canals.

1. High Rooftop Lounge at Hotel Erwin - The place to go for a view of the stunning sunset. Make sure to make reservations!

2. Mosaic House - A work in progress 1940s style home created by husband and wife, Cheri Pan and Gonzalo. Almost every part of the house is covered in tiles and is definitely worth a tour. 

3. C&O Restaurant - They have amazing Italian food and just as amazing tradition of the entire restaurant singing along to Dean Martin's "That's Amore". 

4. Bike Riding - Rent a bike and ride from Venice Beach to Santa Monica. It's the most relaxing thing ever. 

"Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need."

The Cherry Blossom hand lotion is actually my favorite and it's the perfect on-the-go size. I find the standard 5.2 oz cream to be a little too big for my smaller crossbody bags, but if you're going on a week long trip, then definitely pack the bigger lotion.

I want to share with you a few items I always pack for these short getaways.
1. L'Occitane's 14-Piece Summer Treasure Set: This has literally everything you need for bathroom toiletries and they all fit into a small makeup pouch. I actually carry the Cherry Blossom lotion in my purse all the time, regardless of being on vacation or not. (FYI, your hands age the fastest so make sure to keep them hydrated and apply plenty of SPF!)
2. Travel size makeup kits: I hate overpacking so if there's an item that can double up as something else - the better!
3. Portable hair straightener: You can create the perfect beach waves or sleek straight hair with just one tool.

In collaboration with L'Occitane

Dress: Amazon
Sandals: Stuart Weitzman
Clutch: Coach

The city of Los Angeles is so big, but I hope this post inspires you to venture out and explore more. Who knows? Maybe you'll find hidden treasures and create new memories for years to come. 

This post is sponsored by L'Occitane, but all opinions expressed are of my own.

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  1. I've never visited Venice Beach Canals but from your images, they remind me very much of a little beach town I lived in in Florida while I was in collage. Very pretty! You are so right, sometime you just need a break from your routine! The High Rooftop Lounge sounds like a great place to dine! I'm a big fan on the cherry-blossom scent so this hand lotion looks incredible to me! L'Occitane's 14-Piece Summer Treasure Set sounds like the perfect gift for someone in addition to the perfect travel essential for yourself! Not to mention, I've only heard wonderful things about them!

    Manda |

  2. Wow this look amazing. I have been in the exploring mood now that it has finally warmed up in the Midwest. You are so right about finding hidden treasures in a city. You can even find them in cities near by too. I also want to say that your photographer is amazing. Such a wonderful job capturing the moments that give this post life along with your words.
    When traveling I sometimes forget about the most important stuff. I make a list but something always seems to be forgotten. I think getting a set like this would make me not leave anything behind.

  3. Totally agree with you. There are so many places to be discovered in your own city, so there is no need in the vacation. I'm currently living in Berlin and I know there are a lot to be explored, so I'm definitely looking forward to it. But let's face it Berlin compare to LA and California is nothing... I'd love to visit the Venice Beach Canals and just enjoy being there. I've always loved Cali. Thank you for the recommendation, bike riding is my theme. I would love to explore Santa Monica and Venice by bike!
    And OMG L'Occitane products are also my favourite. I love this hand cream so much!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  4. I've actually lived in SoCal all my life and haven't made it to the Venice Canals yet which is almost embarrassing to say! But I've wanted to go and this post is really inspiring me to do so (it's just so far from the OC). LOL. This dress is stunning for the canals. I love the floral print and cold shoulders. Thanks for the tips on what to do while I go, this is helpful since there is so much going on over there. I am a huge fan of L'Occitane products and their hand cream is a must have! xoxo, Christine

  5. Wow girl! What a lovely post. Your images are so amazing, very well taken. I live in SD and I wen to LA two weeks ago with my kids and we made a stop by Venice beach. I agree with you, Venice Beach Canals are so dreamy!
    I ve never tried L'Occitane but I heard that they are so amazing. It looks like a quality skincare brand. This hand-lotion is a must, a beauty essential when traveling. I will check it out!
    Thanks for sharing such a great options, LA is a wonderful place!


  6. Venice Canals look so pretty!!! I went to USC for college and I still can't believe that I still haven't visited Venice Canals yet! I love this beautiful floral dress on you! Totally on point with the canals. Such a soft touch. Beautiful photos! and definitely great outfit!

    xx, Jessie

  7. This is completely beautiful. I love the elegance of your outfit and what you said about finding the hidden treasures of a place. This dress is so romantic and it reminds me of summer time vacations where me and my husband always do a lot of exploring like you describe here. The cherry blossom scent is one of my favorites so I definitely need to look into this line ! Thank you so much!

  8. A staycation is the perfect way to relax without having to fork over a ton of money! It's so ironic that your staycation is in LA while i'm hoping to travel TO LA and have my vacation there in september haha! One of my favourite things to do here locally is to drive around and admire the beautiful multi million dollar homes and just daydream haha. I think that's a really nifty spot you found that I'd love to take a look at myself when i get to visit LA.
    Also I love the way you edit the photos in this blog post, it's very creative!
    One of my favourite hand cream is also from L'occitane! The Cherry blossom fragrance sounds beautiful though I'd love to check that out too


  9. I totally agree w you l, there many places can be discovered.
    Lovely dress love the print and the shoulder details.
    The Occitane products are gorgeous.

  10. What a beautiful post girl! These photos are beautiful and I love the idea of exploring your own city! It's definitely more affordable than traveling abroad and it can be so much fun! I've only been to LA once and I didn't go to any of these places! Need to go back soon!
    Also, L'Occitane is seriously the best! They have the best lotions :)

  11. Love this post! The Venice canals are my favorite! I love riding my bike around there, on a warm Summer's day. I also really like Abbot Kinney! They have the best restaurants! When planning a quick staycation, a portable straightener is a must for me as well!

  12. You know, your staycation is actually my wish list vacation haha. I love these shots of you and the Venice canals, so beautiful. I love your dress. I've never been to Venice beach even though I've been to LA and other beaches in the vicinity plenty of times. One random thing I know tho is that the head quarter of Snapchat office is in Venice Beach so that's cool :)

    I also love L'occitane. I use their hand cream all the time, on vacation or not. My hands have been so dry, especially during pregnancy so having a good smelling lotion with me is a must. Love the rest of your packing tips too. I'm going on a trip to Northern Cali later this week so this post is so appreciated!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  13. I'm totally with you. Staycayion can be just as relaxing and amazing as taking a vacation somewhere. Being a tourist in your own city is such a fun way to discover. I have lived in LA for many years now, and there are still many places I haven't seen. Venice beach canals is actually one of my favorite spots. So beautiful and you did a great job with your photography to represent this location. I love your dress BTW!

    xx, Maryam

  14. I've been to Venice Beach before but I had no idea those canals even existed. Sounds like next time I visit family in LA I'll have to take another look at Venice Beach! That L'Occitane summer treasure set looks amazing - I'm a huge fan of their hand cream and would love to try their other products. And it's so true - you can always see a lady's age by her hands. And love your dress BTW!

  15. One day I will get to some more of those destinations on my wish list too, but as yet, I am home for now. I did quit my full time job after all, so I can not expect fancy holidays all the time. I try to make the most of what I have on my doorstep too, which is beautiful and not to be overlooked. I'd love to visit LA and the canals. Venice looks like a good spot to spend a day.
    xx Jenelle

  16. Hey Love,
    Hows you?
    Exploring your own city is always fun:)
    You can find some amazing Hidden Gems:)
    I am in Love with your Romantic Maxi Dress:) How Lovely:)
    Need to visit Venice Canal Beach:)
    Now I travel a lot too in my Country, And there are still so many Place to Go:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Day

  17. I lived there my whole life and never went to the canals. Haha. But it is so pretty. I love all your photos. There's some great places to check out down there. Love that dress by the way. So gorgeous.

  18. I've never visited Venice Beach Canals but I'm sure I've seen it in a movie or too, anyway I love the post and you look fab in that dress! Have a great week XOWp

  19. I've never ever ven been to Cali before, but that's soon to be changed next year since I got my Coachella tickets! Venice Beach sounds like THE place to visit with my fiancé. We both enjoy bike riding and also Italian food, so that restaurant would be something to enjoy! I am also a huge romantic, so watching the sunset with him at the High Rooftop Lounge at Hotel Erwin would be a dream come true for me! That dress is so lovely you're wearing by the way!

  20. You look so pretty in this floral maxi dress Maggie!! I live pretty close to Venice but have only been to the Canal maybe 3 times ever?! It really is a great place to take a stroll when you want to step outside of the busy LA scene for a while. We love C&O, it is one of our fav place to eat Italian food, their endless garlic rolls are a fav for kids. I have to check out the mosaic house in person, it is so colorful and interesting!!

    ~ xo Sheree

  21. What a beautiful and romantic dress! It's so pretty and i love these photos!

  22. What a cute little spot to visit in Venice Beach! I love finding little hidden gems in the neighborhood. My little sister will be moving out to the west coast for college, we'll have to plan a little trip to see it! :)


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