The color white seems to call my name every season, especially during Summer. This blouse that I found from Amazon is especially perfect because of the off shoulder and delicate lace detail. Here are some other options as well:

This past Saturday, my husband and I spent our day at LACMA since attendance was free if you were a Bank of America customer. I've seen most of the exhibitions before, but sometimes a classic Monet art piece brings newfound appreciation and uplifting spirits to the soul.

This time around, I was really struck by Abdulnasser Gharem's artwork. There are street and graphic elements to his pieces, but also English sentences embedded into the mural backwards. You're left standing there for a good 10 minutes just trying to read everything, which is so fitting because his collection is named "Pause." I highly recommend visiting because it's very relevant to today's war-torn societies.

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  1. Ahh this top is so, so cute! And the whole look is just perfect again!

  2. Would you believe I don't own any white blouses for summer? Shame on me! That off the shoulder blouse you're wearing was a great find from Amazon! Abdulnasser Gharem has some gorgeous artwork as well. I'm always intrigued with art that has meaning, and the fact that you have to "pause" to read what his murals say, is awesome. We could all use a little of that challenge and quiet time in our lives!

  3. I definitely need more white in my wardrobe! I tend to always buy color and need to spend some time choosing more neutral colors. You look absolutely gorgeous in the white ensemble and I especially love the blouse. I would love to actually see the Pause collection by Abdulnasser Ghorem as it looks and sounds so fascinating here.

  4. Aww, how gorgeous this top is. I love lace details so much, and white is also one of my favourite colours to wear during the summer season.
    I think this location is just perfect for such a look. And what a great day you spent enjoying this piece of art! Just lovely!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  5. I think white is perfect for summer or even winter!
    And you look beautiful in this look and I love the effortless styling.
    I also love checking out exhibitions on the weekend art is so inspiring and checking out one named pause is very fitting in a time when most of us don't find the time to do just that.
    Natalia k

  6. Hey Love ,
    How are you?
    You are Like me, Love White sooo much especially in Summer:)
    The Off Shoulder and Lace Detail so Pretty and the Top is very Unique:)
    Loved the Vibes of the Photos and the Location too:)
    Actually I need a White similar top:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  7. I've been hoping to visit LACMA when I go to LA in Sept and I actually had no idea it was something you had to pay to see. I always thought it was kinda just a city tourist site that you pass by haha. But it's so gorgeous there isn't it! I wonder how you were able to get all these photos with no one in it !! Must be a lucky day.
    I'm such a fan of your style. I've also been gravitating towards white lately, i think it's just a very clean and fresh colour (if you will) for the summer.


  8. I've always wanted to visit LACMA but the lines looked insane every time we passed by! What an awesome opportunity thanks to being a BOfA member :) The Pause piece sounds incredible and so aptly named. Hope the artist's works make their way here to NYC soon! But I'm getting distracted.. how cute is that top??! I didn't realize so many cute pieces were available via Amazon Fashion. Your top looks so high quality and beautiful, especially with all that lace detail, which is no easy feat. Love how you styled it with those chic jeans and a classic Gucci bag as well. Will definitely be checking out some of the blouse suggestions you liked. Thanks for sharing love!

    xo Soo |

  9. Art is so amazing or so many reasons but for me it helps me to really focus on detail and my senses become sharper. When I'm feeling off or in a social daze I view a piece of art and try to remember every detail and sketch it back. I try to form non biased opinions about it, which is harder than it seems since our interpretation of art is greatly dependent on our own lie experiences! Anyways, I love your top! White is always wonderful and really reminds me of easy summer evenings! You look gorgeous!

    Manda |

  10. This top is LIFE and these photos are beautiful! Love the background and the lighting was so perfect!
    Sounds like a great exhibition everyone should see. I'm a big fan of Monet as well.

  11. Very nice top with the lace inserts. Perfect for the summer. Thank you to show us the other ones .

  12. Hi Beautiful, your white lace top is so cute and I love it that you picked out the lights installation as a backdrop for the shoot, it actually stood out!! I love LACMA, I used to be a member but since I've had kids the membership lagged. I might pick it up again when they are older and can really appreciate art instead of wanting to touch everything. haha.

    xo Sheree

  13. I love that top! So cute and feminine. I didn't know LACMA had that deal. That's awesome. And you're right. Sometimes a day of art resurges that inspiration. Hope you had fun!

  14. Abdulnasser's art work is really amazing and I love to spend time at LACMA. This pictures are amazing, I am surprised that this top from Amazon.

  15. "Pause" most certainly was a perfect title for this post as that is exactly what we need to do as often as we can and I can tell Abdul Nasser is an artist right up my alley too. As an art lover (and actually have an BA in Art History) I'm actually surprised I've never heard of him before. Weird right... Now I know though and will keep my eyes open! :)

  16. Beautiful outfit !! Love the top, it is beautiful and cute !!

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