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   My favorite thing about Spring is seeing all the beautiful flowers bloom around the neighborhood. One of my dreams is to go to the Sakura Festival in Japan. The beautiful cherry blossoms flood the streets and it's kind of like walking into a real life fairytale.

   The other day as I was walking around the neighborhood, I stumbled upon this street that had a couple of trees that were blooming. I took a mental note for future photoshoot opportunities and what better outfit to wear than this beautiful two piece set from Ali and Jay? The soft sleeves and the airy floral textured chiffon are perfect for the most romantic season. The cropped top also defines the waistline making it more figure flattering.
   As for jewelry options, I've integrated a few of my favorite staples from Michael Hill. I'm not an avid costume jewelry person to be honest. On a day to day basis, bigger jewelry becomes too fussy for me and I'm loving this gold collection. It's dainty and easy to layer, not to mention that they're all 10k gold, which means I don't have to worry about rusting. I used to buy tons of jewelry from Forever 21, but after washing my hands a few times, the rings would lose it's color. Now that I'm older, I'd much rather invest in quality over quantity.

  What are some of your favorite accessories for Spring? I used to be obsessed with platinum and silver, but for the past few years, I've been loving gold. Although, I do mix and match a lot as well.

For my collaboration with Michael Hill, I wanted to evoke a fairytale theme and since I watched Beauty and the Beast recently, I thought it'd be appropriate to create an artwork that's centered around the much beloved classic. I used the mini star necklace as a shooting star and the olive leaf ring as a princess crown. The teardrop necklace was used as a back detail for the iconic yellow dress. What do you guys think? 

This post is sponsored by Michael Hill, but all opinions expressed are of my own. 

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  1. I love these photos! I could mistake you for being at the cherry blossom festival! Those trees are amazing. My parents have some in their front yard and I just love that sweet smell in spring and watching them lose their petals, it reminds me of snow (pink snow!). This look is so beautiful for spring/ summer, I love that drape sleeve.
    xx Jenelle

  2. I used to be a statement jewelry girl, but now I just prefer simple and dainty pieces like these. I am loving these pieces from Michael Hill. Also, the backdrop is genius :)


  3. These pieces are absolutely beautiful! Love the entire gorgeous look and the fabulous photos of you and the cherry blossoms.

  4. Beautiful outfit! Love it head to toe. This dress is so pretty and feminine! The jewelry is so beautiful and delicate.

    Enjoy your week!


  5. Wow girl! Love this look and these photos! I wish the trees were blooming here in Chicago already! I'm sure it'll happen with the next couple of weeks!
    And about the jewelry, WOW! Beautiful, chic and delicate pieces! I love gold and rose gold so much these days!
    And that drawing babe.... So so beautiful. Love what you did! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Omg, this pictures turned so pretty and dreamy. I love that you wore white outfit because it looks very romantic against rose background. I wish we had flowers here to take pictures too. I love your jewels picks too, very elegant.


  7. My friend! This entire post is so beautiful! I too am a fan of the trees blooming! It's hard to be in a bad mood when you are surrounded by natures beauty. This is a beautiful look on you. I too gravitate toward dainty pieces when it comes to jewelry. My day to day is very similar to this look and it's really only when I'm thinking about something more editorial that I do chunky accessories. I must check these out! They are so stunning! Also, I adore the beauty and the beast theme! Have a lovely week!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  8. Your choice in jewelry is so lovely. I love these pieces that you have styled with this elegant white dress. So very beautiful. Your photos are so stunning with the beautiful spring blooms all around you.

  9. Oh my! This is such a subtle and flawless look you've created. And these golden pieces are so beautiful.

    Cheers, Eliza | www.fashion-confession.com

  10. I really want to make it for the cherry blossom season in Japan one day! Its been on my bucket list since years. Just judging your pics must be a dream. Hoping I can scratched soon. In other hand I absolutely love your pics and your look with the jewellery so beautiful and elegant. LOVE this white dress too


  11. The location where you took your pictures is so beautiful. Nothing says Spring like cherry blossom trees. The pieces are so gorgeous too and they go so perfectly with your white dress.

    xo, Maryam

  12. Hey Beauty:)
    Hows you?
    I am a big Jewelry Fan and Just Love Michael Hill Pieces, such a Delicate and Unique pieces, and with your White Dress was Like a Dream:)
    How Beautiful:)))) Definitely will check out this Brand,Thank you for showing:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Week

  13. Awesome pictures love this spring fairytale. I'm searching around my house similar trees but didn't found them how I want :) Love your outfit and the beautiful fine jewelry. The last work with the drawing is gorgeous. <3

  14. This post is wonderful. Beautiful photography, just like from a movie! Love the look and location! Gives me spring feelings! The jewelries are so pretty. I love it clean and simple. xoxo Elif

  15. That dress is so gorgeous. Loving the details. Especially loving that necklace! So ethereal and perfect for spring

  16. I am loving is beautiful delicate look. You look absolutely incredible!!! I love ho chic and clean this is yet still so luxe and classy

  17. Love these elegant pieces! Im more for simplicity and minimalist myself when it comes to jewelry. All of these pieces would have been perfect for me. And spring is my favorite time as well! The cherry trees are just absolutely gorgeous!


  18. I loove this photos and this dress and everything about it!! You look kinda said in the first one, but I hope thats not the case! Loving your work, as always <3

  19. I love the statement jewelery. Im also jealous because you have beautiful spring already! It's still bloody cold here in Toronto. Love this look as well on you! So stunning.


  20. I do that all the time too. Walk around places and make mental notes to my photographer that I want to take pictures there. One of my dreams is go to Sakura too to experience it in full bloom!! Tokyo is a dream of mine as has been for like forever. As for quality over quantity I totally agree and it pays of in the end!


  21. Beautiful look, so stylish :) great post, thanks for sharing!

    Camille xo


  22. The olive leaf ring is so stunning and delicate! I love olive leaves in jewelry because it leaves the idea of peace and tranquility in my head.


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  24. You really make such an amazing model <3

  25. Just discovered your blog and it's so inspiring- love your aesthetic!


  26. Love this!


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