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My wedding anniversary is coming up and I can't believe that I've been married for almost a year now. It's crazy how time flies. It honestly still feels like we're dating. (I kind of still believe we haven't gotten out of our honeymoon phase yet.) Even though he's always working (literally 80-90 ours a week), we haven't really argued that much. Quite frankly, I think I can count the number of times we've fought in just one hand. Pretty incredible right? I want to share with you a few things that I've learned to maintain a happy and healthy marriage. 

Unlock Goofball Island
I encourage you to be goofy with your significant other. It's not always about being serious. It's about finding moments that unlock your silly self and to be vulnerable, not having to worry whether the person is judging you or not. I don't think there's a single person in the world that has seen how lame I can be besides my husband. Haha.

Listen and Understand
Not everyone needs to hear the solution to their problems right away. Rather than jumping into giving advice, listen and try to understand. Put yourself in their shoes. Sometimes, silence is okay and all you need to do is be next to the person. Sometimes they just need to vent. Just be available emotionally and physically. 

Honestly, this one is key to any successful relationship. When you truly understand where the person is coming from, you'll want to make sacrifices. You'll want to put their needs above your needs. You'll force yourself to go that extra mile just to make things a little easier for him. It's about venturing out of your comfort zone.

Anyway, what are some advice that you hold dear to make things work with your significant other? I'd love to hear in the comments below! 

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  1. Congratulations! Time flies by right, so fast. Some good tips, I agree on the part about being goofy! Hard not to!
    xx Jenelle

  2. Great post! Looks great!


  3. Congrats on your first wedding anniversary! Time flies by! And thank you for the great advice. Some great advice I've received that really helps in my relationship is the cultivating of similar interests. Sometimes this is a new thing or an old thing that has fallen by the wayside. My fiance plays guitar and sings, so we try to work on different songs together and create different harmonies. He also loves crossword puzzles, which I used to hate, but they've grown on me.


    1. That's actually a really good one Breanna! I will definitely keep that in mind!

  4. These pics are so cute and happy almost anniversary girl!
    Love your advice! I would only add patience to the list ;)
    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  5. I am married to my husband for 5 years and we are still in our honeymoon phase. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby, I wish you another happy 50 years together! Great tips and supporting and trusting is very important in relationship!



  6. Happy Anniversary! You are truly inspiring and I love what you wrote about sacrificing honestly. I've been married for almost 14 years and it's true and totally worth it to put the time and effort into the relationship. I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

  7. Happy Anni Maggie hun! I'm impressed you didn't fight much with your significant other because I fought a lot with mine especially during the first half year of my marriage. I think Point 2 is real important as I realised that fights often get triggered when the other party (usually guys) fail to empathise with how their partner feel and goes on and on to give advice. Sometimes all we want is a listening ear and a reliable shoulder to lean upon, not solutions on how we could have been better :(

    That being said, I've attended a self-improvement course with the hubs on how to improve relationships. The major take back we got from the course is that the term "INT-I-MA-CY" can be broken down into "Into Me I See". In order to have intimate relationships with others, we must first understand our own emotions before we can put ourselves in the shoes of the other party and think for them.

    I'm glad that your marriage has been smooth thus far and wishing you a lifetime of happiness too :)

  8. Hey Sweetie;)
    Ohhh Happy Wedding Anniversary:)
    I feel like time Flies so Fast... My Hubby works a Lot too, So many times even Weekends.. But we Try our Best:)
    We both are more calm type and always discuss if we feel not okay with thing I think this is the Best Solution:)
    Wish you again Happy Anniversary Darling:)

  9. I just adore this SO much and all of your photos. Happy anniversary to you guys and thanks so much for the advice! :)

  10. Congrats on your first wedding anniversary babe! I don't have a partner so I can't give you an answer on your question. But I do love your post and these photo's you look happy,
    X Charissa.

  11. Happy (almost) one year anniversary sweetie! What you just described there, and what truly makes a relationship last, is a relation between best friends. And if your significant other isn't your best friend, then who is? You guys seem perfect together and are both goofy and mature enough to make it last a lifetime! Huge congrats once again!


  12. Really great tips on relationships. I'm not married nor in a relationship but your tips really extend to any sort of relationship, i.e. friends, family, etc. Wishing you a wonderful first anniversary!

    xx, Jo

  13. Congrats! They say time flies when you're having fun!! Loving the photos! You look so pretty and I love the flowers. ❤️ xoxo Elif

  14. Congrats girl that your wedding anniversary is coming up. :) I hope you guys have a beautiful day together and hopefully we can double date together soon.


  15. Congrats on your upcoming year anniversary! It's such a blessing that you two still get along so well in your first year. I hear that year is normally the most difficult. Thanks for sharing your tips on staying that way! I'm sure I could use them when we decide to get married :D


  16. Happy Anniversary! Those flowers are so pretty and I totally agree with your tips. Relationships are hard - marriage is hard. It's a choice you make every day to be happy and stay married. Wishing you many happy years to come!

  17. Congrats, girl! I'm so happy for you! It sounds like you guys are having so much fun together and very much into each other, which is absolutely priceless. I wish you all the best!! And by the way, this outfit is absolutely fab!

    Cheers, Eliza | www.fashion-confession.com

  18. Happy Anniversary! What a great milestone! My hubby and I are approaching our 4th year and honestly the longer we are together the funner it gets! YES ITS ALL ABOUT FUN! We are both really silly and it keeps things interest and light! Dustin works about the same amount of hours too so I totally understand that! It was difficult to get used to as a newlywed but now that we have two little ones and I blog full-time it's easier because I don't feel like I'm sitting waiting on him to come home! For me the biggest thing about marriage is understanding it's not always about you. So for instance if he's having a bad day and feels aloof... I try to always just let him 'be' and try to be encouraging instead of getting my feelings hurt because I'm not getting the attention I want. Hope you have a great day celebrating your relationship!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  19. Happy celebrating and anniversary. Beautiful the 1st year...wishing you the bests

  20. I loved your advices, I think you are so right about everything, especially with the first and last one.

    Im loving this outfit btw, you look gorgeous!

  21. What a beautiful post and sweet pictures with flowers :) I enjoyed reading it and will keep in mind your advices for when I find my other half!!!

    xx, Gina

  22. Happy one year anniversary!! I'm sure it has been a magical year. I like your advice even though I've been married for 5 years it is always good to be reminded to be a goofball with each other and keep the flame alive. My husband also work long hours (he's a lawyer) so blogging and kids fills up my time quite nicely. I'm sure you will have many more celebratory years together.

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  23. Looking nice and beautiful babes :)
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  24. Congrats on your one year wedding anniversary! I've been married for almost 7 years now. Just be a giver more than a taker. LOL, I've been a taker my whole life and marriage has shown me that I need to be a giver. Also, pick and choose your battles because you can't battle them all!

  25. Congratulations on your one year wedding anniversary! I love the 3 tips you shared about maintaining a healthy relationship. These are all things I hope to see in my next relationship :) gorgeous flowers and love your outfit too!

  26. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding anniversary!!! It's so lovely to hear about couples that are not fighting all the time! Reading your tips for successful relationships I agree that listening (active listening) is incredibly important! Only through listening you can really understand your partner and avoid confrontations. Wishing you many more years of happy married life!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  27. Sounds like you are in a wonderful loving relationship. I am currently not dating anyone but will keep this advice just in case :)
    xx, gracie

  28. I always like your fashion week looks! And wow congrats to that! http://www.ubagshows.com/

  29. Wow, this post is so helpful. I'm not currently in a relationship, but the are things I will keep in mind for the future.


  30. Aw omg so sweet <3 These are amazing tips and you and Daniel will always be my favorite couple!!!

  31. this is such a great post babe, thanks for sharing!! love it

    xo, samira


  32. you look too cute! love teh flowers and ypur jeans so much!


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