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Today's post is actually why I started blogging to begin with. I haven't done a costume design post in awhile and what better way to pay tribute than with Disney's new live-action Beauty and the Beast? I just saw the movie this past weekend in 4DX (it's the next level above 3D movies) and I wanted to cover not only the costume design aspect of the film, but also an outfit inspired by the movie as well. 

I actually really liked these 2 costumes for Belle. There's not a lot of detail in the cartoon version, but with the added texture and re-imagining of a modern Belle, there's definitely a lot of details that Jacqueline Durran added to bring the character to life. In Belle's blue outfit, she wears pant-like bloomers with 18th century pockets. Instead of having the pockets on the inside, she thought it would be more appropriate for Belle to wear them on the outside of the skirt for ease of access. Emma was very big on being an active princess. Although, this time period calls for corsets, Emma Watson was really adamant about wearing one so they found a happy medium of a more structured bodice.

Due to Emma Watson's influence of using eco-friendly and sustainable material, the entire red outfit was made as so, including the shoes. Some of the fabric dying took weeks to obtain that rich color and it was a huge learning process for the costume designer and her team.

Because Emma did not want to be restricted by a corset, they took that out. She wanted to be able to move freely so the finished product is a lightweight combination of tulle, satin organza and taffeta, made to twirl and look as though it is made by the castle. Durran added a gold print onto the hem adorned with some swarovski crystals for that extra glimmer.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed in Belle's iconic yellow gown. I understand that Emma's interpretation that Belle was a modern day princess was significant, but when you see the rest of the cast in period clothing, it kind of loses its impact. Madame de Garderobe's costume was much more elaborate and not to mention everyone's costumes in the opening and ending scene out-shined the yellow dress. This was a decadent time period and one of my favorite decades in fashion. I wished that Emma just let Jacqueline do her job as a costume designer, afterall, she is an Oscar winner (2015, Anna Karenina). And for goodness sakes, it's a fairytale and musical. Anyway, enough of my rant, onto the beast!

I didn't realize during the movie, but the patterns on his more "aristocratic" coat was actually painted on as if Plumette did it herself. I thought that was a very cute touch, instead of doing the traditional embroidery.

Gaston's re-imagined costume was actually one of my favorites. I love the idea of him being like a war hero and instead of a red shirt, he's wearing a military coat.

Aren't these costumes absolutely stunning? Cadenza and Madame de Garderobe's costumes really capture the essence of the 18th Century's lavishness, but also with exaggerated details to fit a fairytale motif.

That being said, here's my reinterpretation of a more wearable modern day look dedicated to one of my favorite Disney films of all time:

Tale as old as time ...
Michelle Mason Mango Silk Shirt
Michelle Mason White Blazer Dress
Daniel Wellington Watch

Borrowing Emma Watson's idea of a modern, more active princess, I opted for a silk mango colored shirt with a white military style blazer dress. I will have to say the shoes don't match the fairytale at all, but I couldn't find my other pair of nude heels. (These heels would be perfect for an Aladdin inspired look though.) I didn't want to go with the typical yellow dress inspired look and thought this would be a better alternative. 

I finished the look off with a timeless watch and simple everyday jewelry.

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  1. You provided a great breakdown of the movie and customs involved. The fact that the coat was painted on rather than sewn on shows so much talent from the designer. I haven't seen the movie yet, but reading this will come to memory I'm sure while I'm watching!

    1. Customs or costumes? Haha. Yes, it's always cool to know these details ahead of time so you're on the lookout when you're watching the movie. I feel like it makes it extra special.

  2. My entire Facebook last week was about this movie and I'm dying to see it so many great reviews !! Emma Watson look stunning and definitely as soon I get to Panama is one of the first things im going to do. I really love your modern twist look.


  3. Wow ! This has been absolutely fascinating! I did not see the movie but I am so intrigued by this beautiful analysis of the costumes!

  4. we went to watch this movie yesterday and absolutely love songs, how it was filmed and of course my favorite was a yellow dress that she wore to dance with the beast. I like how you styled your buttoned blazer dress with a touch of yellow!

  5. I watched the movie the other night with my partner and lovedddd all the costumes throughout and thought the same thing about Belle's yellow dress and think it could've been a little more extravagant and intricate!

    You look amazing in that blazer dress and loving the touch of yellow too!

    Helen xx

  6. Wow girl what a cool post! These customs are absolutely stunning! Definitely Beauty and the Beast has the best customs, seriously, I love every single details.
    Love the outfit you created around it. You look so chic! This is something I'd totally wear! Nailed it babe!

  7. I've yet to see the movie but I love how it looks from the trailer - everything is portrayed just how i imagined it. They had such beautiful costumes I love how you are able to do a modern version from the inspiration from the movie.
    The touch of yellow from your collar as from belle's dress and your perfect white blazer that adds the element of regality as with the princesses' attire.
    It's a beautiful inspired outfit that looks perfectly suitable for the modern days


  8. This post is absolutely fabulous! I would love to see that movie, I saw the old version. I'm excited about this one! I am impressed with the outfit you have created based on the movie. Adore the costumes involved. Thanks for sharing such a creative post.
    Enjoy your week!


  9. I love your interpretation of a "modern Belle"! I have always been a fan of the over-the-top character of Madame de Garderobe, the opera singing wardrobe, and love that her costume really reflects her grandiose sensibilities. <3

  10. I absolutely loved the costumes. I had no clue Emma was about eco-friendly materials, I'm sure that was a struggle for the designers. I loved this unique and fun post. I learned something I would have never known. Also your look is so chic. I love the crisp white tuxedo dress with the gold buttons. So gorgeous.

  11. I truly love your interpretation of the modern day princess! You look phenomenal! I am also a costume fan as I grew up a dancer! I love that she is Eco friendly. I didn't know that! I'm very excited to see the movie but I've actually been told it's underwhelming! I hope I feel differently! Loved this post!

    Manda |
    Manda |

  12. This is such an interesting post. I really enjoyed reading and learning about the designers and the costumes. They are so talented. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I am inspired to go see it now.

    xo, Maryam

  13. The costumes are so cool! I still have yet to see the movie. Love how you paired that coat!

  14. I was disappointed with Belle's iconic yellow ballgown too!! It wasn't as bedazzled as I would have liked since all the other characters in the castle had such lavish outfits. Well at least Dan Stevens didn't disappoint when he turned around after turning back to human with his big blue eyes. Though the last outfit kind of ruined it. Your modern interpretation of suit dress is really cute, I like the idea of wearing suit jacket as a dress and the pop of yellow did the trick.

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

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  16. I love every single detail in this movie, especially when it comes to the costumes. All of them are absolutely breathtaking. I've heard that some of them you can actually see in LA, but no chance for me to visit this place in the near future. And your drawing are so stunning. And your version of modern princess look is just on point!
    Cheers, Eliza |

  17. Hey Love,
    How are you?
    I didn't saw the Movie but I am very Very Curious:) especially now that I red this post:)
    The costumes are Fantastic and Really very Impressive:) Loved the Idea how you created the Looks And the Full Blogpost Idea is Amazing:) Never Red as Interesting post Based on a movie and Costumes:)
    I will check out for sure this Movie, Love Emma as well:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Week Darling

  18. I saw this movie the other week when it first came out and I was absolutely in love with it. I loved every aspect and felt it was done justice. I honestly think the yellow ballgown was incredible and loved the modern twist on it :) Love your modern twist on the suit and how you tied it into B&the B :)

  19. Just as you appear to do, I love costume dramas. Not only because they make history or fairytale settings come alive, but for the reason that I love watching what they're wearing! There most certainly has been a lot of handicraft going into the making of the costumes to B&B.
    As for your look influnced by Emma Watson's idea of an active princess, it's spot on! A modern day princess is one who looks both feminine and edgy at the same time. It's simply beautiful!!

  20. I am just super crazy everything about the movie, everything is PERFECTLY made and Emma Watson is the perfect girl to play Belle.
    you look as beautiful as Bell! love the outfits you chose and what you're wearing. So PRETTY!


  21. Amazing looks! I would love to see the movie. You look absolutely stunning. Love the buttons of the blazer and how you paired it with the blouse! So stunning! xoxo Elif


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