Quite frankly. I've never been a warm neutrals person. The attraction towards cooler tones were always stronger. Believe it or not, until this year, I've never owned anything from the brown spectrum. I always associated those colors with dirt, but when I hit 30, these colors somehow became much more inviting than gray.

I'm wearing my favorite Vince turtle neck and an oversized cardigan by Zara. I'm a bit late in the neutrals game, but supposedly, tan is going to be a be trend this Spring. Make sure to invest in neutral basics that you can wear time and time again. LA isn't really a place for trench coats, but look for an alternative like a comfy cardigan or a duster jacket.

If you haven't noticed already, my blog formatting has changed! I always believed that you have to invest in quality so I learned a little bit of html coding - enough to personalize each blog post. Not going to lie, this eats up a lot of time, but in the end, it's all worth it. The only thing I can't figure out right now is to make my layout to be responsive so if you're a mobile user, I do apologize for the really wonky configuration. Do you prefer the magazine layout or just what I had before? Thanks for reading!

Maggie S.

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  1. I like this layout- it's fun to do something a bit different and mix it up. Good luck with the mobile site coding! It can be tricky!!
    xx Jenelle

  2. Love this neutral look! Great styling!

  3. omg I saw that oversized zara cardigan over the weekend during the sale! I was like 90% ready to try it but I totally forgot about it when I left! Dang I wish I didn't because it looks so good on you!!! will have to revisit haha.
    And yea i totally noticed your new layout! HMTL codes looks like a headache but it really isn't too hard once you really sit down and figure out the basics :) !


  4. Me too! I'm not sure I accosted those colors with dirt BUT I never really wore those shades but this year more than ever I've started to! You look absolutely gorgeous and I love the sweater you are wearing! When it comes to coding it's certainly like another language at first but after having a blog for some time I can at least handle some of the basics! So good that you are able to really figure it all out!

    Manda |

  5. Absolutely love the layout and the warm neutrals on you are gorgeous! This is all so beautiful!

  6. I love this look! I'm for sure black-n-white kind of person, but I have some pale pink and grey pieces on my wardrobe! I'm so in love with your style, it looks very classy.

    Cheers, Eliza |

  7. I got to start with complimenting you on your coding skills as they have apparently paid off! I love the magazine look and as I read it on a laptop I have nothing to complain about the mobile version. :) Wish I had those skills... but then again, it's all about setting my mind to it and learn some coding.
    When it comes to your warm neutrals they suit you so well and I can understand the aversion to wear them at first, but they kind of grow on you. Just like coffee, red wine and stuff like that you didn't like when you were younger (well, I'm only speaking out of my own experience, haha). Great outfit and great new layout!

  8. Love your layout - it's so clean. I need to rework mine a bit as it's been a while. A little HTML does go a long way! And I love this neutral look - that jacket is amazing!

  9. I love neutrals and I think you're rocking the warm neutrals in this outfit Maggie! Truly adore how that brown turtleneck looks on you - so comfy ;)

  10. I love this look! I need this oversized cardigan in my life...looks so cozy and warm. I am with you - I don't own much brown in my wardrobe but definitely think I am more open and leaning towards the warmer shade. I do love my black, white and grey but brown is also neutral territory. I am obsessed with that chunky turtleneck and this outfit is so effortless! xoxo, Christine

  11. In love with this cozy neutral look! And I love how that gucci straps adds just that little touch of colour to this outfit!

    xoxo, Cinddie

  12. Hey Angel:)
    I like this layout and I know it's a lot work:) I had a lot work with mine toooo...
    So I am so Happy that you asked our opinion:)
    Loved your coat snd that bag... Oghh God :) So Cute:) Need one:)
    Happy Monday Sweetie:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  13. I've only gotten into neutrals this past year, so I definitely feel where you're coming from. I'm a huge fan of this look and you wear the neutrals so well. I am also loving the new blog layout babe. It's so clean and minimalist!

  14. I'm absolutely loving your warm neutrals look. I know what you mean about preferring cool neutrals over warm. I'm pretty much the same, but I've been attracted to so many camel coats and beige trench coats recently, I think you've totally convinced me to invest in warm neutrals for my spring wardrobe!

    xo, Jo

  15. I love neutrals and this look is so stylish and simple, great post thanks for sharing :)

    Camille xo

  16. I love this styling, sweetie! these tones look so wonderfully beautiful on you! Xx, Gina

  17. I love your layout! I need to learn how to code too. I love neutrals too! You look fab Maggie. :)

  18. I love neutral colours too! My closet, to be honest, is not very colourful. Every time I try to remind myself to purchase something colourful, I always ended up buying neutral colours. Guess I will just stick with my comfortable colours then!

    Xx Jessie

  19. Hello Maggie!!!
    Great job to put some neutral tones into your wardrobe. It's easy to match and is always good also for travels, them run w everything.
    Sending love from Italy
    Eva ;)

  20. Such a perfect winter look! And I love your bag!
    Hope you had a great Valentine dear!



  21. Love the neutral look. I love neutral and darker colors like black. Great style!

    Ann-Marie |

  22. I gotta say, I love the Vince turtleneck! what a nice shade of brown. I love wearing neutral colors once in a while when I'm feeling mellow :)

  23. I love warmer neutrals especially this combo! I need to wear more lighter tones!

  24. I think we all change our love to certain colors in couple years. I'm in love with the sweater!

  25. I'm obsessed with you blog, Maggie!! LOVE LOVE LOVE <3 and these photos are always bomb ;) just sayinnn

  26. I actually love neutral colors but only during winter, I am mainly a lover of Pastel colors and anything girly. i really love how you styled this look and your layering game is so strong!

  27. You look so comfy and cozy in this outfit babe. :) I actually wore a ton of warmer tones when I was younger and now I'm gravitating more to cooler pieces as I'm getting older. It's funny how our fashion style is constantly changing and evolving with time and age.

  28. I used to be all about black, white and easy pastels and never, ever have any bright colors. Recently I have taken more into brighter pop of colors in both clothing and accessories.

  29. I do like your new layout! It's very visually appealing! I haven't tried it mobile yet though, so I'm not sure what that looks like.

    I love that Vince sweater!


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