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I've been testing some new Korean products that I'm absolutely loving and I wanted to share them with you. As you may already know, Koreans are obsessed with skincare and Americans are slowly starting to notice the trend. Sephora recently introduced their "K-beauty" section and Target last year introduced one of the most popular Korean brands, Laniege. With Korea leading the world in beautiful skincare, I'd like to introduce you to Ohlolly, which actually specializes in Korean products. 

I'm often times, hesitant in collaborating with skincare companies because I have dry and sensitive skin. I don't like to ruin my skincare regime that seems to be working. However, once I run out of a product, I usually try to look for something that works even better. That's when Ohlolly came in and introduced me to Heimish and Pyunkang Yul. My skin has actually been better than when I was using Clarin's. I'm definitely doing the Korean 10-step skincare system. Honestly, it takes me a lifetime to get ready and go to bed, but it's so worth it. In general, my skin has been more evenly toned and smoother, where I barely even have to wear bb cream. Most days, I wear a little bit of concealer under my eyes, but I'm finding a lesser need in covering my skin. 
Pyunkang Yul was developed by the renowned Pyunkang Yul Oriental Medicine Clinic in Korea. They created a skincare line that refuses to use unnecessary ingredients for texture or scent purposes. They ensured that every single ingredient was safe and gentle for the skin. Their primary target was to balance the skin's oil and moisture levels, leaving you with optimal dewy skin. 
Heimish is a new Korean brand that focuses on an individual's uniqueness and beauty. Their makeup products focus on enhancing your natural beauty. The White Clay Foam is amazing and doesn't dry out the skin because it contains coconut oil. The Cleansing Balm is like the new cleansing oil. It really gets rid of all your makeup including those tough waterproof mascaras. 

Because these products are so amazing, I've partnered up with Ohlolly to give one lucky winner all the products featured in this post. (All 4 Pyunkang skincare products which include the essence toner, balancing gel, nutrition cream and moisturizer. Plus, both Heimish cleansers.) All you have to do is:

1. Follow @clothestomidnight & @ohlollybeauty on Instagram
2. Like and tag a friend! Each additional tag is an additional entry.
3. Go to Ohlolly.com and join their list for an additional entry.

Open to U.S. residents only. Winner will be announced on this post on 2/6/17 on the original post through my Instagram. Also, if you're wondering whether these products would work well with your skin, check out Ohlolly's website. They have reviews along with ingredients that you can take a look at in more detail. The customer service is also amazing. They really take the time to answer all your questions and concerns. Good luck!


Maggie S. 

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  1. great giveaway! korean skincare is everything!

  2. These products sound amazing. So nice that you are promoting with a giveaway. Everyone loves good skincare !
    xx, gracie

  3. these sound amazing babe - I want to try!

    xo, samira


  4. These are such pretty shots! The Heimich packaging is really cool too. Good skin care is vital, agreed!
    xx Jenelle

  5. I am obsessed with Korean skincare as well and as long as it does take to get ready for bed, I like the idea of having a ten step process that you know exactly what to do and in what order. There are so many serums and products out there and you aren't really sure how to use them so it's nice that Korean products lay it all out there for you. I haven't heard of this brand yet but I am definitely interested to find out more. I will enter the giveaway! xoxo, Christine

  6. I'm so intrigued by Korean skincare products! I've heard so much good things about them and noticed their section in Sephora, but I'm yet to give any of them a try. My skin is sensitive too so I'm never quite sure if something will or will not work with my skin. Still I'd love to give anything new a try if there's a chance it could make my skin better!

    xo, Jo

    1. I have pretty sensitive skin too, but this product works really well. :)

  7. I have always been intrigued by Korean skincare and how well they take care of their skin. I want to take a trip just to load up on beauty and skincare products!


  8. These products look so great!! thanks for sharing an amazing giveaway!!! Xx, Gina


  9. Thanks for sharing Maggie! As usual, the visuals in this blog post is always so pretty! I'm skeptical when trying out new skincare esp Korean ones because they don't work well in Singapore's humid climate. The products featured here look luxe, perhaps I might consider trying them out once I'm done with my DHC :)

    1. Ya, I'm not sure. It doesn't really leave a sticky residue or anything, but I live in a much dryer climate.

  10. Hello Maggie!!!
    Great products and I'm so sorry it's not avaible for Europe:) but I understand you.Sending love from Italy
    Have fun all to partecipating.

  11. Thanks for sharing with us some information about K-beauty. I've actually never heard of these brands before, but I definitely know how K-beauty is getting more popular in the states. I've tried some k-beauty brands myself, but there's so many and I'm still learning about which ones are the best. :)


  12. i am obsessed with Korean products and would love to win!


  13. I absolutely love trying new korean beauty products! They almost always work with my skin :) These look great and such a cool giveaway!

  14. Koreans always have such amazing skin and I wish I was in the states so I could enter it! I love trying skincare products and the packaging is super cool too!

    Helen xx

  15. I truly love the way the Korean products are designed. There is so much out there nowadays that it's great to find products you can depend on . I am excited to enter and it would be a dream come true to win!

  16. Ooooh LA LA! These look AH-MAZING. Entered on Insta & signed up for their newsletter. (kaizenfashion)


  17. This is so ironic!! Only this week I found some korean youtubers that been raving about korean skin care product that I became totally convinced and just bought a bunch of stuff online! Honestly their products are sooo high quality and affordable. I actually was looking up the review for the All Clean Balm you have up there and i heard it's really good! It's an amazing dupe for one of the more expensive makeup cleanser that was really popular in korean (though i forget the name...).
    Hope to get my goodies in the mail and test out the korean makeup / skincare rave!!


  18. What a lovely product that I will definitely check out! That giveaway is absolutely amazing and I'm happy for whoever the winner in the US is! :)


  19. Such a great giveaway, sis!!! Ugh you know my skin is a constant struggle (cry emoji) I'm definitely checking ohlolly out and also more korean skincare as well :)

  20. Yay for giveaways! I'm such a huge K beauty fan. I'm pretty pale so I had a hard time finding foundations until I discovered K beauty and cushions!

  21. The products look great and I love your photography!




  22. love the packaging! thanks for sharing some really great photos of some products that look really interesting and worth testing out :) xx

  23. OMG Koreans are super crazy about skin care! I would literally trust any skin product from Korea. Ohlolly sounds amazing and I'm down with anything that has coconut oil since it has so many wonderful qualities. I really want to try this now!!

  24. Hey Darling:)
    The Products Looks Amazing:) I need to try:) Your Photos Looks Always So Gorgeous:)))
    How are you?
    Thank you for sharing:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina

  25. I love this post! I have heard numerous ravings about Korean beauty and skin care products! I didn't know that about Sephora! I've never tried this particular brand but will definitely be checking it out now! What an amazing giveaway!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  26. This is a great giveaway. The product sounds great. I would want to try it.

    xo, Maryam


  27. Girl! I have the same problem! I suffer from eczema so I'm always so weary of trying new product! This sounds amazing though.

  28. ohh wow I need to try ASAP Heimish is a brand that I had listen before for good! and after this post of course I will. Kisses babe


  29. Thats too bad I'm from Canada and would have loved to join. I love korean skincare product. they have such amazing porcelain like skin. Love also your photography


  30. I'm such a fan of Korean beauty products and I can't wait to check out this amazing line as you say that it's so wonderful!! ]

    Thank you for the amazing opportunity to participate in this giveaway! Fingers crossed!


  31. Korean skin care is by far some of the best in the biz. I just recently discovered Nature Republic while out with a friend! I'll have to try this amazing line!!
    xx Belle


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