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For as long as I can remember, I don't think I've ever bought been disappointed by Maybelline products. For the price point, I would even argue that it rivals some of the more expensive makeup lines that sell at Sephora. So when they reached out to me for a collaboration, my inner fan girl screamed with joy. Not only did I get to test the products before they went on shelves, but I was given the opportunity to work with a company that I've always adored.

My review of the products:

I'm in love with all the shades in the 24K Nudes Palette. I've had Urban Decay's 1st Naked Palette forever. It has always given the best brown smokey eyes that I always wear. Because of that, I never bought another palette. The Maybelline one though, is much more shimmery. It's still very subtle, but it really creates the prettiest shimmery smokey eyes. It's definitely not a New Year's type of makeup palette, but it's perfect for all year round. The highlighting colors are absolutely stunning. I would say the colors aren't as pigmented as the Urban Decay one, but the finished look seriously looks amazing. I would say, if you're not a big Kardashian eye makeup wearer, this palette would be perfect for you. However, the darker colors are definitely more pigmented and can probably get you that perfect smokey eye as well.

There has only been 2 other pen eyeliners that I've used, this Japanese one and this Sephora eyeliner. The Japanese one isn't super dark and the pen was super soft. The only issue I had was that it was kind of pricey. So, I tried the Sephora one and really loved it. The brush was not as soft as the Japanese one, but nonetheless it was good. I do want to say that this Maybelline Liquid Pen Eye Liner is quite good. I'm most likely going to be using this from now on. It's way more affordable and it works just the same. The pen itself it stiffer than the Sephora one, but it produces a really clean cat eye. The best part is that, even the tip flows with ink. (The Sephora one wasn't so much the case. I had to always draw at an angle.)

The Colossal Big Shot Volume Express is killer. I have pretty long eyelashes for an Asian, but I just don't have enough of them. Not to mention, they're pretty straight. I've thought about eye lash extensions, but they're way too expensive. This mascara though, will give you extension-like lashes. It almost looks like I'm wearing falsies. I'm going to say it now, but I think this rivals the Benefit They're Real mascara. It's pretty awesome.

I did a makeup sketch of 2 looks that you can achieve with this entire collection, one that's darker, more sultry and the other, lighter more girly.

Let me know in the comments below, what are your top eye shadow palettes, eyeliner and mascara are! I would love to try them!


Maggie S.

"This post is sponsored by Maybelline. All opinions expressed are my own."

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  1. That mascara is my new favorite mascara!!

  2. Hey Sweetie, Love the Shades and That Mascara as well:) Thank
    You for your Detailed post, Loved it :)
    Kisses Open Kloset By Karina

  3. Hello dear!!!
    Nice pictures, would try the MASCARA and the EYELINER.Great pallette of colors.

  4. Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you get to work with a company that you've always adored? I absolutely love their stuff and although I won't give you my favorite mascara tips (haha) I will say that they are (out of experience, don't ask me what) top notch! :)

  5. OBSESSED WITH THIS POST, MAGGIE! Not only you look incredibly stunning, your photos showcase the makeup very very well!!! My favorite eyeshadow colors are probably purple, green and lately, more so red! xoxo

  6. congratulation on opportunity to work with brand that you love! I love these palette and need to try eye liner

  7. The Maybelline eyeshadow palette has some nice neutral color shades that I think would look perfect for evening glam makeup! :) I've always lovedd Maybelline makeup for drugstore brands. :) I'll definitely check out that palette next time I'm in store.

  8. Great review! As I'm actually in the look out of new pen eyeliners and this has been very helpful. heading to the drugstore now and buy myself one and I'll let you know how is it.

  9. I have tried so many mascara through the years and I always go back to Maybelline. It's just so affordable and amazing. This is a new one I need to try next :)

  10. I actually have several Maybelline mascaras in my makeup bag right now and can never decide on my favorite! Truly high quality performance on all!

  11. Maybelline's mascaras and liquid eyeliners are THE BEST!! I haven't used any other eyeliner in such a long time<3 love your photos!

  12. I have always been a fan of Maybelline mascara and eyeliner as well and recently just bought an eyeshadow palette from them and I love the colors! This is a great review and am glad that I am not missing out by not using the Urban Decay version. Wow, you are incredibly talented - I can't believe you illustrated those looks! So impressive! xoxo, Christine

  13. Maybelline is an awesome brand to work with and I've seen a few girls post about the mascara and I'm dying to try it myself because I have no eyelashes to speak of and need all the help I can get!! Your sketches are so beautiful - you are one talented lady and definitely born with it ;)

    Helen xx

  14. I love Maybelline mascara since it was the first brand I've tried as a teenager. Their mascara never clump and serves my fine (& sparse) Asian lashes so well. Your drawing is awesome and I think I wanna try that eyeshadow palette featured in your blog! Thanks for sharing ;)

    xx Aldora Muses |

  15. Maybelline is definitely one of my favorite drugstore brands. I'm obsessed with their Illegal Length mascara! Fab sketches by the way! I would totally wear both makeup looks.

    xo, Jo

  16. This makeup products looks so amazing and will love to give them a try! hope you had an amazing weekend, sweetie!!!

    Xx, Gina

  17. Hey, for the price, they are pretty good, right? I tend to pick up some of their eye wear every now and again and am generally pretty happy. Though, Rimmel and Bourjois have been my real favourites when it cam to cheap beauty thrills.
    xx Jenelle

  18. I love your eye makeup! I really need that 24K nude palette. I'm not an amazing makeup artist, but I definitely love a good liner and mascara. All those products look super amazing and the price point is a cherry on top!!

  19. love your eye make up and you did really pretty good job! I got so lazy with make up after getting my lashes done ;(

  20. I grew up with Maybelline and I totally agree that drugstore cosmetics can be every bit as good as the fancy stuff. That palette looks amazing!

  21. I've had my eye on the 24k eyeshadow palette as well, and I'm glad to hear your review of it! I'm not a fan of crazy makeup looks but still want good color payoff so this sounds great. That pen eyeliner also got my attention as I use liquid liner everyday and am always on the lookout for great new ones. Will definitely have to check these out, thanks for sharing!!

    xo Soo |

  22. This mascara sounds great! Thanks for sharing this information. I'll give it a try. xx

  23. I love your eye make up babe! I've always want to do smokey eye make up well, but haven't found the right products/or maybe don't have the right techniques! I admire your ones so much! so pretty!

    xx, Jessie

  24. I actually always loved Maybelline makeup especially their mascaras! And I'm totally blown away with the quality of this eyeshadow palette! Agreed it's totally comparable to the quality of high end makeup! But at the fraction of the price!

  25. That is literally the best eyeliner ever! When I do do a bold eye this is what I use! It's really so precise and smooth! I was thinking about getting that pallets the other night! Thanks for this review! I need to try the mascaras too!

    Manda |

  26. Great pics and review ! I seem to have a short attention plan when it comes to makeup, I always want to try something new, so I love that you have already given these a stamp of approval !
    xx, gracie

  27. Firstly- that is the most gorgeous flat lay I've ever seen- props!
    Secondly- why didn't I know about this Nude palate? I need this!!
    xx Belle


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