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I've always been envious of those who were born with naturally beautiful, pore-less skin. When my mom was carrying me, she ate all the healthy food that would promise her a beautiful Snow White child. (Hence, "Snow" as my middle name.) She even refrained from drinking coffee. To her disappointment, I wasn't as white as snow. So for my brother, she ate whatever she feasted her eyes on and he was born like a porcelain doll. To this day, he has the best skin out of all of us and he doesn't even moisturize. I know, very annoying.

My mom has always been a skincare junkie. I remember I first started using eye cream and face moisturizer from H20 when I was a Junior in high school. I know, we Asians start young. This led to a series of testing out different products. For the most part, I stuck with H20 till college. Then I upgraded to using a very well-known Korean brand called Laniege. That seriously did wonders for my skin. However, I was living in San Diego, where the air was slightly more humidified, in which resulted in beautiful, dewy skin. The only makeup I wore was gray eyeliner. Pretty good right? 

Then, after 25, my skin changed. It became very dry. I was never a fan of foundation in the first place, but when I did wear it, my skin would look like frosted flakes. It was a not a good sight. Thank goodness for Sephora reviews. I discovered Clarins and started using their Hydraquench line. That definitely helped my skin a lot. 

Unfortunately, Sephora discontinued the line and I have been on a long hunt looking for something that would hydrate my skin. You see, there's very little moisture in the LA weather. Living in a polluted city with odd changes in the weather really takes a toll on your skin. So when Clarins reached out for a collaboration for their newest product on hydration for the skin, can you even guess how excited I was? I mean, I was in love with their Hydraquench line and now being able to try first hand their new product, I can't even explain how happy I was. 

Currently, I'm still testing the product out. Your skin usually needs a full month to really see a difference, but I'm already loving the product. If you have dry and flakey skin like me, give this a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed. 

On another note, please stay tuned for more skincare reviews. I've always been into skincare because great skin means less makeup. What's your favorite skincare product? I'd love to know! Also, please share what skin type you are as well.


Maggie S.

This post is sponsored by Clarins, but all opinions expressed are of my own.

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  1. Loving this skincare review and looking forward to the ones you do in the future! I've been testing a few products of late- on the search for something really great!

    I was recently given a sample of African Botanics fleurs d'afrique facial oil and I love it! I had a couple colds during the winter and that combined with windy weather destroyed my skin! This is really helping to lock the moisture back in!


    1. I have to try that! You have amazing skin so any recommendation from you would be awesome!

  2. Totally know what you are talking about. I don't know why but my forehead and cheeks have big pore and they always get problems as soon I change environment around me. Anyway, this products sounds great and love your trench coat!


  3. Really love your tips on quality skin care. You are very knowledgeable and I truly could use the help. I find it difficult to decide on products because of the wide range available. Thank you so much!

  4. Oh my mom did the exact opposite with me and had so much soy sauce and they joke about how it dyed my skin dark (I'm the darkest in the family but I love it). The range looks awesome and I myself have only recently started taking care of my skin properly and have been using a full La Prairie skincare range that I loved so much whilst in Bali that I managed to venture out with no make up most of the days because my skin was glowing!

    Helen xx

  5. Babe your skin is so flawless. Now I know the secret of it!! Thanks for sharing!

    xx, Jessie
    omg that dress and the blazer is so divine! love them both!

    xx, Jessie

  6. I am obsessed with skincare (as almost all Asians are). I think it's just bred into us like you said. I do love the Clarins line and have tried several different products and serums from them, but need to try these as well. Love the blue packaging and I love how their products smell. Thanks for sharing these with us. Amazing blue trench too! Perfect for winter to spring! xoxo, Christine

  7. Wow Maggie, it seems that you're dressed to match Clarin's packaging *JK JK*
    Clarins sounds like an awesome product to work on you cuz unlike u, I have sensitive combination & acne-prone skin. All sorts of products don't seem to work on me now and it's so so frustrating :( So I'm shifting to changing my diet to see if my skin improves LOL.

    xx Aldora
    http://www.AldoraMuses.com | http://BeautyBedazzled.blogspot.com

    1. LOL Aldora! I did actually purposely match the color. :P

  8. I definitely need to try this one out! I have an extremely dry t-zone while the rest of my skin is like perfect. And as you aid the dry dirty LA air isn't helping at all, especially now when its cold. I have tried everything, drinking more water, exfoliate and hydrate. Even the dermatologist says that my dry skin and the flakiness is due to me not drinking enough water but its still not helping. Heading to sephora RN!


  9. Wow I really adore Clarins is a perfect skincare brand! everything is so for all skin type! and I need to try this cream as soon as possible babe!!!
    Thanks for sharing!! Kisses


  10. Thanks for reviewing this skin care product with us. Your skin is flawless, I can see why now :) xx

  11. So not fair that your brother has perfect skin - it's totally wasted on a boy! These products look great! My skin is a little dry right now and I'm also looking for something new. And I'm a little obsessed with your boots - so good!

  12. hello dear!
    Thanks for sharing this new product from Clarins. I love this brand both really good quality and price.
    My skin is also dry so i using serums and oils under the moisturizer. The good hydratation is the most important base of the good make up,too.
    sebding love from Italy

  13. Hi Maggie

    Your product shots looks impressive and you're right I recently turned 26 and I feel like everything is now upon me! Hahaha int erms of losing weight and skin issues. These products looks amazing and I would love to try this pore-less Clarins. Thank you


  14. Haha, I'm in total envy of your brother too, especially if he doesn't even moisturize for freaks sake!! And I can totally understand how happy you are to be able to work with Clarins and their new products! Huge congrats and have fun trying everything out! :)

  15. Really loving this skin care review! I have to say at 25 I noticed a big change in my skin as well and the past two years have been dedicated to my skin care routine! I love the packaging of these items and definitely need to check them out!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  16. Oh my god same. I've tried clarins before. I like their stuff. Never tried this line before though. Is it good for people with eczema? I'm always weary to try new things.

  17. Thanks for the warm comment on my recent post. It means a lot! I've only tried a whitening serum by Clarins and I wasn't too hot about it, but maybe I'll try these or some of there other products!

  18. That's the exact same serum and moisturizer I'm currently using and I'm so in love! My skin is usually so dehydrated while on vacation and those products helped me to recover it!

  19. Absolutely love everything about this one!

  20. I think my skin changed when I hit 30, or at least, I began to notice age lines that I'd not seen prior. I think we need to reassess what we use every now and then, but I have always stayed pretty loyal to the brands I know and love. Let us know how you get on in a few more weeks!
    xx Jenelle

  21. Really like using Clarins, just love the cream and makes my skin feel amazing, I just ordered a sample too from freestuffbaby, the link is here if you want to get one - http://www.freestuffbaby.co.uk/free-clarins-hydra-sample/


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