The Mermaid Effect


Not too long ago, I colored my hair in Hong Kong. The thought of chemically bleaching my hair always made me cringe so I never did anything drastic to my hair. I usually used Palty's Milk Tea to dye my hair at home. Since HK is known to be cheap for their salon services, I thought getting the job done professionally would be the better choice. It was not. 

A little back story first: I've been using Da Vinci hair products for half a year since I started working for them. Da Vinci is a luxury organic hair care company that's based in California. To be honest, I didn't notice too big of a difference when I was using their Hydrate line. I noticed my hair was, in general softer than using Pantene, but it wasn't something I was willing to pay such a hefty price tag for. 

Until after my HK trip to the salon. The hair dye that they used must've been filled with ammonium. They scrubbed my head 3 times with shampoo to get the excess color out. Please do note that I was only coloring my hair a slightly lighter brown color. My scalp felt so raw afterwards. The day after, I went to wash my hair as usual and my hair felt like wet straw - the kind of straw you find in a pile of hay that has been drenched with rain. Yes, it was that bad. After my hair dried, I brushed it out and there were a bunch of strands that broke off and fell onto the ground. I was horrified. I've never had that happen to me before. Note to self: never go to a cheap salon ever again. 

Luckily, I had brought Da Vinci products for my family as gifts. I used the Hydrate line for about 1 week and my hair was already back to 70% health. I couldn't believe how well Da Vinci worked for me. Once I got back to the states, I immediately started using the hair oil and leave in conditioner daily. Now my hair is healthier than before and I'm not even saying this because I work for the company. I genuinely want to share how amazing my hair has been since the hair dye incident. 

I will say this though, if you generally have healthy hair, you might not notice a difference. However, if you have colored treated or damaged hair, you'll notice a big difference after one use. I've been hooked on the Korean drama starring Jun Jihyun, "Legend of the Blue Sea," and I've been so envious of her beautiful hair. The photos don't really do any justice. You kind of have to watch the drama. She has the most natural waves and all you have to do is spritz a little bit of sea salt spray while your hair is towel dried. Split hair into 2 sections and tie them into Princess Leia buns for an hour. Voila, no heat mermaid waves. This is also the least damaging technique. You can technically skip the sea salt spray, but it helps add a bit of volume.

To 2017, I'm getting natural, healthy mermaid hair. 


Maggie S. 

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  1. Oh my gosh she is one of my favorite actresses! And I agree, she has beautiful hair, as do you! It's incredible that Da Vinci hair products rejuvenated your hair so much, and I will definitely need to check it out for the next time I have to bleach my hair. Thanks so much for sharing your review and testimony love, it was super helpful!!

    xo Soo |


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