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In case any of you missed my Q/A on Instastories, I'm recapping them here:

@denisemarieko asked, "What are your blogging strategies?"

I don't really have any. I just try to focus on better photography. I'm not really a writer as you can tell. 

@missmisschelle and @rachelward asked: What is your favorite part about blogging? The community, the brands you get to work with, the workload (emails, creative projects, etc.)? 

One of my favorite things about blogging is meeting so many inspirational women who are trying to start their own businesses. Blogging essentially is self branding and every single person who heads down that direction is becoming a boss of their own. It's really inspiring. 

The community itself has also been very supportive, at least with the people that I've met so far. I love meeting other bloggers and listening to all the amazing things they're planning for their blogs. 

Being able to work with brands that I have longed dreamed for has been a pure blessing. I would have never thought I would work with Banana Republic, but I just shot with them for their Spring Campaign. Is this even real life? Working with brands definitely help me think more creatively for each photoshoot. I want to prove that I was worth their investment.

Workload can be taunting. Blogging is a full time job. There's a dedication to this artistry and those who devout long hours to it reap great benefits. I am not however, quite as devoted to blogging full time. Blogging is and will always be something secondary. My passion will always lie in costume design.

@sarahatiq, @atsunamatsui, and @taylorlenasmith asked: When did you start blogging and what led you to it?

Believe it or not, I actually debuted my first fashion post in 2009. I probably posted 3 times that year. If I had kept up with it, I would be in a much different place now. Haha. I completely stopped and then revisited my blog while I was in grad school. I still couldn't keep up with it because the workload was just too immense. I decided to pick up blogging again because at the time, I was studying costume design and I saw a huge correlation between film and fashion. When the Cinderella live action film debuted, that Cinderella blue was everywhere in stores. Not to mention, H&M did a whole collection dedicated to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. If you look back to my old posts, you can see that there were a lot more costume design features. I haven't been posting so much as of this year though. This year was more devoted to developing the fashion side of blogging. Hopefully next year, I can do more posts that will be inspired by movies that are more recent. I can't wait to do a post dedicated to Rogue One and Guardians of the Galaxy.

@stylesprinter asked: What is your favorite makeup and skin care product of all time? 

I don't really like foundation, but I do love Armani's silk foundation. It makes your skin look so dewy and flawless without the cakiness. I'm also loving the SkinOne Prime Snail BB Cream. My favorite eye shadow palette is hands down, Urban Decay's 1st Naked Palette. I bought that thing 3 years ago, and I'm still using it. (Make sure to spray it with alcohol every now in then to prevent bacteria growth.) I have more of an olive skin tone and I found this palette to work with my skin color the best. Lastly for makeup, Benefit's mascara is freaking amazing for Asian lashes. My favorite lip color is this lip pencil from Mac. It lasts forever!

I'm a skin care junkie. I've tried a lot of different products and I haven't found the holy grail yet. I will say though, Tony Moly's snail mask does wonders for the skin. 

@yeelaine_ asked: How many languages do you speak?

5? I'm fluent in English and Cantonese. Conversationally, Korean and Mandarin, but my Korean is much better than my Mandarin ironically. I used to be able to speak French quite well, but I lost it. It's been so many years since I've spoken the language. I can still read it surprisingly. My goal is to learn Japanese, but then again, my dad is constantly urging me to learn Mandarin. 

A little bit about the dress I designed:

As a costume designer, there are many commonalities that overlap into the fashion world. If you look at my sketches, I tend to gravitate towards beautiful evening gowns with intricate designs. However, I wanted to create something that was ready to wear for the everyday woman. I wanted something that a teen could wear to her winter formal, but at the same time, something a woman in her 50s can wear to a dinner party. The dress was inspired by the 1930s classic silk gown. Since it is Winter, I decided to use a fabric that was a little warmer and luxurious. What better alternative than velvet right? Minimalism was essential because of the layering aspect. It needed to be timeless. I designed the dress in 3 colors: merrigold, dusty lilac and cream. The problem though, I wasn't able to select the fabric myself and see how the dress was finished. So it wasn't up to my standards. It may not look like much, but hopefully, I can design more next year and maybe launch a clothing line. 

 Unfortunately, everything else in this outfit was gifted to me by my aunt from Hong Kong. So there are no links available, but I've compiled a list of velvet dresses that are either similar in style or in color for you to spice up your Winter wardrobe. 

Let me know if you have another other questions about blogging and I'd be happy to answer them in my next post!


Maggie S.

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