Winter Blues Gift Guide

The Holidays are approaching and usually when you get older, you no longer want to line up in the cold waiting for the malls to open. I prefer shopping in the comfort of my own home and sipping on some nice hot tea without the crazy, angry people. Here's a mini gift guide plus review that I put together for you guys:

1. Hair Care:
I think Sephora is having a huge Black Friday sale so stock up not only on those skin care makeup items, but also hair care ones as well. My favorite is the Da Vinci hair mask made with all organic ingredients.

2. Stocking Stuffer 3D Puzzles:
These are super cute. I honestly feel like gifts that require assembling brings the most joy because you're not only giving them a present, but you're also giving them an experience.

3. Daniel Wellington:
There's no other watch that is more minimalistic and modern than the DW watch. Use code "clothestomidnight" for 15% off. Offer expires December 25th.

4. Face Masks:
Asian skincare is all about the healthy dewy skin. Snail masks have been all the hype this year and here's a mini haul and review:

The Isiloe and Luxury Soo are basic every day masks. They're pretty affordable at $1-2 a sheet. I didn't notice a huge difference in my skin, but if you're just looking for great stocking stuffers, these would be awesome. I'm not really sure where you can get these, but Korean beauty stores should carry them.

I haven't tested the Yumei mask yet so I will keep you posted.

Skin One is probably my favorite because there's a lot of product on the mask. The quality is probably the same as the Tony Moly one, but with the excess fluids you can rub it all over your legs and arms for extra hydration. I can't find the Skin One mask anywhere, but I've tried Skin Prestige's face mask and it was amazing as well. It was more expensive, but I noticed a drastic difference in the day after. My skin is left super hydrated for 3-4 days and it actually got rid of my dry bumps. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the face masks!

What kind of gifts do you guys have in mind already?


Maggie S.

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