Bow Ties

Fall is my favorite season because not only is it beautiful outside, but I finally get to layer clothes. During the day, it’s still warm enough to just wear long sleeves and a skirt. I find that Spring is often too cold during the day to even wear a skirt or dress. At least, that was in Northern California. I guess it’ll be very different in LA.

I'm so excited to say I'm collaborating with Banana Republic again. Since sleeves with details are the rage this season, I chose this gorgeous gray blouse with bow tie cuffs. I've been on the lookout for blouses that can double up as work attire. I find that Banana Republic is seriously one of the best places to shop for items like that. There's a casual chic element to their professional wear and not to mention their sales are always amazing. Anyway, I decided to keep my outfit pretty neutral, so I paired with my black moto skirt and a white vest. I kept the outfit extra casual by wearing it with my favorite oxfords by Ruti

I'm in Hong Kong for the next week and a half for a business trip so follow me on Instagram stories to check out all the cool places I'm visiting, not to mention the amazing food I'll be eating. It’s kind of interesting in how Hong Kong’s fashion is so different from the U.S. It used to be 2 years ahead of our fashion reports and now I finally feel like we’re kind of on the same page. But, everyone in HK styles “outfit of the days” very differently. They tend to follow after the Korean fashion trend whereas people in the States value individuality. One thing for sure is that sleeves with unique details are everywhere. I would actually recommend finding something that’s more subtle like this Banana Republic blouse (40% off your purchase right now). It’s just more wearable in everyday life.


Maggie S.

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