Night and Day

Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone! For those of you who don't know the fairytale, it's actually a very tragic love story. Legend says that there used to be ten suns and it was so hot that it made life very difficult for man. Hou Yi, a hero with great strength shot down nine of the suns and restored balance to the earth. He had a beautiful wife named Chang'E and enjoyed the quiet life in the countryside.

One day, the Queen of the Heavens gave Hou Yi an elixir that would turn any mortal into a god. Hou Yi decided to give it to his wife to hold onto, but his evil disciple overheard the conversation. The next day when Hou Yi went out to hunt, his disciple tried to steal it from Chang'E. Because she knew she couldn't win, she drank the elixir and flew immediately out the window. Chang'E's great love for her husband gravitated her towards to the moon, which is the nearest place to Earth in Heaven. 

So there you have it. Two star crossed lovers that were forever torn apart. People began offering sacrifices to Chang'E to pray for peace and good luck. That's how the Mid Autumn Festival started. 

I decided to do a different photoshoot this time around, and include my husband to reflect the story of the mid-autumn festival; the contrast of night and day shots expressing the relationship between the moon and the sun. We wanted it to revolve around this love story, but of course give it our own spin. Hope you guys enjoyed this post!


Maggie S.

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