Feather Light


I'm so excited to share my collaboration with Ruti because she designs for the strong, independent woman that appreciates unique styles along with fine tailoring. These beautifully crafted leather oxfords are handmade and how often, in this day and age, will you find handmade items anywhere without paying a steep price? The cutouts are shaped like sand waves drifting in the wind which gives the shoes its airy feel. 

I paired these shoes with this Zara dress that I recently bought from their sale. I've always been a fan of wearing all white because it has such a refreshing slate. Although I must say, I adore wearing black in the Fall and Winter. So typical right? As LA is heating up, I find myself gravitating towards items that are loose and not form fitting. The reason being is that tight clothing just tends to be too hot and constricting. As I always say, if I can eat a buffet in this dress and still look chic, I'm sold. 


Maggie S.

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