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Anine Bing Leather Jacket (Similar here that's on sale)
Hudson Stark White Moto Jeans (Similar here)
Rebecca Minkoff Bag

I've been really loving pastel blue this season and it's not because of the new movie that's coming out (Alice Through the Looking Glass). Blue has always been a favorite color of mine. Maybe it's because of the calming factor or maybe because it reminds me of the ocean. Anyway, this sky blue blouse is currently one of my favorite tops to wear because of the light fabric and the subtle ruffles. I wanted to keep the outfit soft so I decided to pair it with white jeans and this beautiful off-white leather jacket. It kind of adds a bit of edginess, don't you think?

A little update:

I officially moved to Los Angeles. I'm still overdue with my wedding post. Things are kind of out of order right now because I'm trying to finish this series on love. I really wanted to share everything that I've learned through wedding planning so stay tuned!

Today's post is dedicated to loving without keeping records of wrongs. Growing up, my mom and dad would always fight about things in the past. They'd point fingers at each other and condone every wrong that they've done to each other. It was no longer about the present issue, but the past seemed to manifest into their arguments and it would turn into a battle of who deserves to be reprimanded. Now that I'm older, I am starting to understand why. It's simply because of our pride. We want to tell the other person that they're more wrong than us, that they're the ones that should be apologizing. If it was our fault, we bring up things from the past that they've should've corrected, to minimize our faults. The thing that we fail to remember is that, once you forgive someone, it's a statement that you are moving on.

"Forgiveness is a promise, not a feeling. When you forgive other people, you are making a promise never to use their past sins agains them." - Unknown

It's easy to point fingers at those who have wronged us, but if that relationship means the world to you, let go and allow peace to come in. Although there are a million other wrongs that can never be forgiven, I'm referring more to the little things. Don't let small things ruin your relationships. Remember that love covers a multitude of sins.


Maggie S.

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