A Cinderella Story

Planning your big day is probably going to be one of the most stressful times in your life. So here is a small guide to help you plan it while helping you save some money along the way too.

1. Hire a wedding planner. 

I highly recommend one because they know all the right vendors that can really work within your budget. My husband and I had a really small budget for a pretty big wedding and we would've never been able to manage our budgets wisely or had the time to negotiate with each vendor. My amazing planner was Sally Shin from Pretty Little Events. She used to work in Food and Beverage for Four Seasons Hotel, which is very well-known for their outstanding service. She was also very responsive through emails when I first inquired, unlike some of the other planners I spoke with.

2. Pick a color palette and theme.

It's very important to have an overall color theme for your wedding or else it'll end up looking like a zoo. My favorite color is blue and Daniel didn't really care so we decided on this white and dusty blue color palette with hints of silver and gold. We initially wanted a super modern and minimalistic wedding theme, but realized that it would just be another "pretty wedding." We wanted something that was more representative of who we were (or rather who I was. Lol). Anyhow, we decided for a Cinderella/Lion King themed wedding, technically just Disney.

3. Pick a venue that has a built-in set.

I really loved the exterior of this location. It had that classic Greco-Roman architecture and gorgeous marble floor. I'm a big architecture fan and I was heavily debating between here (Coco Palms) and Greystone Mansion. When the location itself is already stunning, you don't have to spend as much money on decor.

4. Pick a photographer

This is a no brainer, but wedding photography can be really expensive. I really liked Jana Williams because of her magical and fairytale-esque photography, but she's one of the most expensive wedding photographers out there, so that was a no-go. However, I mentioned that to Sally and she was able to find us a photographer that worked within our budget and delivered these stunning images that will last a lifetime. 

5. Flowers

For every fairytale wedding, there are glorious heaps of flowers, but that would have come with a hefty price. We actually opted for baby's breath to fill the Cinderella carriages and that looked beautiful. (Thank you Pinterest!) Honestly, even when the flowers dried up, it still looked exactly the same so your guests can take it home and keep it forever.

6. Choosing the right cake

I have yet been to a wedding that served cake that made me say, "Wow, this was really good." Daniel and I really wanted a really delicious cake rather than having one that was exquisitely made and mediocre tasting. I originally wanted to order through Paris Baguette, which is my favorite bakery, but Sally mentioned that Some Crust Bakery had raving reviews and they had a special discount with the venue. During the tasting, it actually didn't taste too good and I went home disappointed. It was on the dry end and wasn't moist at all. However, on the big day, it was super moist and fluffy. So my word of advice, trust the reviews. Haha.

This is such a basic guide and I'm sure you've seen it all over already, but having a wedding planner really helped us out tremendously. Sally was able to get things that I didn't think we were able to afford. She was able to create a cohesive theme and at the same time, put in a lot of intricate details that could've been overlooked. However, every little thing made the wedding that much more magical. 

Of course, the wedding wouldn't have gone smoothly without the help of friends and family. The bridesmaids and groomsmen played a huge role running the show and I can't thank them enough. That is why, they will be forever our closest friends. 

I'll be doing a separate wedding post on concluding the series on love and friendship so stay tuned.


Maggie S.

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