Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach

Today's post is going to be a little bit different as it'll be my honest review of the hotel we stayed at for our honeymoon in Thailand. I really should have taken more photos with my dslr, but it was such a hassle to carry such a big thing around. Upon entering the hotel, we were greeted with beautiful bamboo trees and when we pulled into the main entrance, we were immediately acknowledged by our last name with a warm welcome from the Greeter's Booth. As we headed to the front desk, you really get a sense of the Thai influence in the architecture - the roofs are more pointed and the wooden floors and beams remind me of Thai stilt houses. 

Once we checked into our room, the hotel had prepared this beautiful swan towel arrangement. Not only that, but my colleague from work also sent them some of our wedding photos (not shown) to place on the bed as a surprise too. Just because of that, our stay was so much more personalized. 

There were plenty of lounging areas scattered around the property. My favorite were these couches that were imbedded in the middle of water. 
Naithon Beach was literally a 5 minute walk. The water was really blue, but after going to Phi Phi Island, nothing really compared so we opted out of swimming there. There were a plethora street food down there along with some great restaurants. They also had a lot of different massage parlors that charged only $8 for a 1 hour massage. We did end up getting massages at the hotel, but for a much pricier quote. However, both of us feel asleep. Yup. It was that relaxing.

This was their more casual restaurant. We ended up doing their breakfast buffet during our entire stay because we didn't want to stress about finding food in the morning. I'm so glad we did. I had a bowl of fresh cut fruits every morning with cage free eggs. The last 2 days we were there, I discovered the noodle bar and it was pretty much game over for me. I'm a soup for breakfast kind of person and it was the most delicious breakfast ever.

All in all, the hotel was amazing. The service was top notch and the food was absolutely mouth-watering. Tom Yum Goong (Thailand's signature spicy and sour soup) was my cold remedy. The hotel cleanliness was also surgically pristine. The interior and exterior design are minimalistic and chic. If you're in Phuket, Thailand next time, make sure to stop by this hotel. It's conveniently located within 15 minutes of the airport so you don't end up wasting time traveling rather than having fun.


Maggie S. 

P.S. I also put together some of my favorite resort dresses. Take a look and see if you like any of them. 

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