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I've partnered up with Banana Republic to bring you some Spring inspiration for your wardrobe. Laser-cut fabric has been all the hype last season and it's not slowing down. It's the new form of lace. The laser actually cuts the fabric without touching it and then seals the ends so it doesn't fray. Pretty neat right? Did you know that high end fashion designers tend to prefer using this technology because it's hard to replicate? I'm just glad it's available to the mass now. I'm loving this Banana Republic tank in this soft lavender color. If you think about it, lavender is the definition of a Spring flower. 

As we go into Spring, the season of beauty, I want to talk a little bit more about Envy. It's a little bit different than jealousy because it actually lusts over the achievement and blessings of other people. It's easy to compare yourself to others and grow with envy as you watch others do better than you. This little monster is fed with lies about how you're not good enough or even worse, you looking for the downfall of others in order to make yourself happy. Instagram can sometimes be a major self-deprecating social media platform. You see others living beautiful and perfect lives, but like what Chriselle Lim said in one of her more recent videos, you never know the story behind the lens and you really can't assume things. Think of Instagram like a portfolio of someone's life. 

I honestly did struggle for a bit about comparing myself to other bloggers, but I'm always reminded of the hard work and laborious hours that these icons put into getting where they're at right now. I really can't complain. When I met Aimee Song, she told me she slept an average of 4 hours per day and that would be on a good day, my jaws literally dropped. I couldn't believe it. Jenny from Tsangtastic barely sleeps and you see her devotion pay off. Instead of being envious of their achievements, I've grown to be inspired by these women. 

One of the worst kinds of seeds that envy produces is gossip; it is essentially putting down others in order to make yourself feel better. Can you imagine how much better this place would be without gossip? How amazing would that be.


Maggie S.

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