The Black Sheep

Botkier Bag

Dressing from head to toe in black can sometimes work against you because without incorporating different textures, you can look really 2-dimensional. Other monochromatic looks don't really require this because when a color is this dark, detail tends to get lost. So, take it from New Yorkers who seem to have this color down and have made this color a closet staple.

I finished my all black ensemble with this faux fur vest and while one can seriously look like a gorilla, a vest would be a better choice than a jacket. Why? Because when you have a form fitted sweater underneath, you don't lose shape and your figure still shows even if you're only exposing your arms. Always remember to have something be form fitted so you don't look like a blob.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Maggie S.

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