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When fashion meets comfort one can seriously conquer the world. I'm in love with these Zvelle flats because not only are they sleek and cool, but they also have a slight wedge heel that keeps your feet from getting worn out. I have to wear a somewhat formal shoe to work because of my uniform so sneakers are out of the question, but walking a minimum of 4 miles a day can get really tiring with flats. I had a pair of Eco Sport ones that were extremely comfortable for the first 2 months then the padding started wearing down and I had to buy sole inserts every month. I then actually resorted to buying some nice oxfords. Flats are terrible for your feet because you're basically walking on solid ground without any shock absorption. However, when there's a small heel, it actually elevates your feet and keeps some of the pressure off them. That's why these Zvelle flats are so great. So next time, when you're shopping for shoes, try not to get something that has no padding or is completely flat. Your back will thank you in the long run as well. 

What are your favorite flats? 


Maggie S.

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