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Kenneth Cole Coat (Similar here and here)
Heels from HK (Similar here)

I've been following Chriselle Lim for a very long time and there was always one thing that I couldn't understand from her tutorials: wearing a dress as a shirt. She always had these dresses that would tuck into her pants and wouldn't look bulky. I never understood how she did that and now I guess it all makes sense. You just have to find a really light weight material. This dress by Assali is actually really gorgeous in itself, but the weather became so cold all of a sudden, I decided to wear it as a top instead. It's 100% silk so it's warm and light and who wouldn't want a piece that can be worn for all 4 seasons? I used the belt as a choker scarf instead and thought it gave my dress a new life for Winter. What do you guys think?


Maggie S.

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