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I recently just saw a post by a very young woman, wise beyond her years, who quit social media. If you haven't heard about her already, look her up, Essena O'Neill. She's literally taking the world by storm by quitting Instagram and Youtube. She had accrued half a million of followers and decided to say goodbye because of how negatively it affected her life.

I have to admit, she's right on a lot of different issues. It's so easy to get sucked into the numbers of your social statistics. Not going to lie, I used to spend hours on Instagram at a time. I would check back every 10 minutes to see how many likes I received on a photo. I would constantly compare myself to other more successful bloggers who started around the same time as me. I mean, it got to a point where I was constantly wishing I was more attractive or skinnier. I wasn't happy.

Part of the reason of the obsession with numbers was because I was told that I needed 10K followers before joining a company that would help me monetize or promote my blog. (Before starting the blog, I wanted to be successful enough where I can work part time on my blog and still freelance costume design.) When I hit 10K followers, I reached out to them and they bluntly stated that I didn't have enough likes. I needed at least a thousand likes per photo. That's when I realized that all of this is just pure B. S.

I have a creative eye and still want my Instagram to be aesthetically pleasing, but I'm not going to spend hours thinking about what photo to post or care how many likes I get. I'm going to post whatever I want.

More to thoughts to come...


Maggie S.

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