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DailyLook Gauzy Tee (On sale!)

I took advantage of the Anine Bing sale and purchased this leather jacket a couple weeks ago, but the weather was too warm, so it was just sitting in my closet. I'm in love with all the cool details like the buckles on the side and the quilting pattern on the sleeves. I especially adore the "dirty white" color.  Although, compared to the other leather jackets I have from Hong Kong designers, the leather is rougher and heavier. The red leather jacket I have from Bauhaus is really soft and light. (If you're ever in Hong Kong, make sure to check out their jackets, they have every color of the rainbow.) Check out their website here. They definitely need to update their website, but if you visit their store, you'd fall in love with the decor and design. It's as if you walked into an underground concert.

Back to the Anine Bing jacket though: the design and cut is perfection though. White can be difficult to wear as a jacket simply because it gets dirty so easily, especially around the sleeves. My advice would be to wipe the sleeves after every wear and also wipe the entire jacket down after every month. This way, you don't get unwanted stains.

Anyway, happy Monday! Hope you start the week off strong! I'm going to be working 7 days straight. Extra coffee is much needed.


Maggie S.

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