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There's something about classic architecture that continues to stand the depths of time. The last time I was in Las Vegas was at least 8 years ago and much has changed since. There are a lot more new hotels that have emerged, but I noticed that The Bellagio, The Venetian and Caesar's Palace still retain its timeless beauty. (The interior is a different story though.) Nonetheless, I'm sure these hotels will stand for many more years to come. 

So I haven't done a costume design post in awhile and wanted to dedicate this to The Tourist starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. Guess who the costume designer was? None other, than my favorite designer of all time, Colleen Atwood. She's known for fantasy and period films and it was so nice to see her designing something that's modern. There are definitely classic influences from the earlier decades, but nonetheless, all the garments that Angelina Jolie wore were beautiful and elegant. 

This silk dress was an original design and the jewelry was provided by Angelina's personal jeweler, Robert Procop. 

This is probably one of my favorite outfits of the film. Atwood didn't want a regular business suit so she thought adding the wrap would be the "sexier way to go." I completely agree. Almost all the heels Jolie wore were by Salvator Ferragamo. 

The silk tulle gown was made in several versions for the action scenes. 

Isn't this diamond choker to die for? It's made during the turn of the century and evokes the glamour and sophistication of Paris beautifully with an array of circular cut diamonds. 

This single breasted 50s jacket and knee length skirt were actually vintage and tailored to fit Angelina's body. 

I think when I turn 40, I'm going to dress just this. It's classy and timeless. 

Did you like any of the outfits from this film? Thanks for reading!


Maggie S. 

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