White Tropics

These photos were taken at Caesar's Palace in Vegas when my family and I were waiting to eat at their infamous buffet. My fiancé and I were just taking photos outside the fenced off section and a security guard was so kind to ask if we wanted to go inside to take better photos. He even gave us a free tour of the whole place. 

As you get older, you meet a lot of bitter and rude people, but when you actually meet someone who's genuinely nice, it's such a blessing. People become rude because they either think highly of themselves or they've just experienced a lot of crap. I was watching videos on Youtube today and was astonished by the amount of hate comments that flooded each video. It's ridiculous. I just don't understand why people have to bring others down in order to feel better about themselves. Why can't we all just encourage one another? 

Anyway, hope you guys are having an amazing week! Thank for reading!


Maggie S.

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