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3 weeks ago, my best friend proposed to me on the top of a hill that oversaw the LA skyline. He had been planning since January and I had no clue whatsoever. He had his friends pave a road lit by multicolor candles. At the end of the road, he put up photos of us on an easel and had a bouquet of roses on the floor that had candles shaped like a heart. 

So that was the romantic part of the story. Here's my side: The hill that he took me to was secluded behind a residential area. Upon entering the pathway, he said, "Oh look, there's a lantern for you," and he gave me the lantern. I looked at him funny and said, "Don't take someone else's lantern! Put that back." As I saw in a distance of what he had set up, I started getting scared and asked him, "OMG! Did someone die here? Is this a memorial site?" 

Major face palm. So unromantic of me.

Although he's not the richest guy in the world, his love and devotion to me is beyond words. The ring may not be 1 karat, but I know so well that he saved every single penny to buy it. I know if he could, he would give me the world. 

So right after the proposal, my brother, his girlfriend, my fiance and I had to drive straight to Vegas. We had originally planned to visit my dad as a vacation thing, but my fiance had already asked for my dad's approval weeks in advance, so it was a trip to spend time with my family and talk about the wedding. 

I've been posting a lot more wedding related things on my Instagram (@clothestomidnight). Follow me if you haven't already. 


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