Villa Carlotta

Torn by Ronny Kobo Striped Dress (Similar here and here)
Forever 21 White Cutout Oxfords (Similar here in better quality)
Botkier Honore Bag

What better way to go to brunch than with a summer statement dress and a pair of perforated oxfords? I'm really loving these shoes by Forever 21 and at $29.90, it's completely worth it. They make outfits look effortless and easygoing. Sometimes my boyfriend complains about how I over dress when we're just going lunch, but these oxfords are not only cute, but they also tone down your dressy look. 

Nobody ever really talks about this, but I'm going to make the first move. Honestly speaking, wearing shoes without socks can get gross. Your feet get sweaty and not to mention stinky. Nobody in the blogosphere talks about this and you see them all wearing shoes without socks. This is how they do it: wear these socks that don't show or buy this foot powder to stay dry. 


Maggie S.

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