The Trench Cut

Trench Coat from HK (Similar here and here)
Judy Blue Distressed Jeans (Similar here and here)
Le Motto Tee (Love this too)
Nine West Ankle Strap Heels (Similar here and here)

I got a haircut! I haven't cut my hair short since I was three. I've always loved my long hair, but I felt like it might be time to at least try the long bob (aka "the lob") since it was deemed as the most universally flattering haircut by most hair professionals. I thought my hair would be crazy every morning, but since it's not overly short, I've kept the same nonexistent maintenance routine. The upside to this is that I get a bit more volume than usual, which is awesome. 

Anyway, I wanted to share these shoes with you guys! I've been looking for a pair of unique white heels for awhile and finally found the perfect pair. I haven't shopped at Nine West for a very long time and it's primarily because there are a lot of shoe competitors out there. Not to mention, I always felt like Nine West was for the office girl. Long story short, my family and I ended up in one and I fell in love with these white heels. I love the extra strap that crosses over and that the ankle strap height is where it should be. The heel is also not overly tall and I could comfortably walk in them without worrying about tripping. It could use some padding, but a heel insert would make these shoes perfection.


Maggie S.

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