Silver and Gold

Marc Jacobs Sleeveless Trench (Isn't this one so cool though?)
HK Striped Shirt (Similar here and here)
Michael Kors Selma Stud Bag
Chloe Sunglasses (on sale!)

You know how fashion says to not mix gold and silver? Well, scratch that idea because when you mix cool and warm tones together, it actually creates an unexpected harmony. I have gold buttons on the trench, copper buttons on the striped shirt, silver exposed zippers on my jeans and warm tone silver studs on my shoes. That's only on clothing items. I also have gold edges on my Chloe sunglasses and gold pyramid studs on my bag. When you mix gold and silver in your entire outfit and not only in your jewelry, it creates an even better melodious look.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Maggie S.

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