Lazy Days

Harlowe Graham Sweater (Similar here and here)
HM Vegan Leather Leggings (Love this and this)
HRH Collection T-shirt Chain (Similar here)

I celebrated my birthday last month and originally I had asked my boyfriend to buy me a pair of those Free People gladiator sandals, but ended up returning them because I didn't think I would wear them much. Instead, I decided I wanted something more practical and I've been wanting these Nike shoes for the longest time. Since the weather is warming up, it's harder to wear boots. Not to mention that when I'm on set for 12 hours a day, I needed investment worthy shoes that were going to be comfortable. Ever since I got them, I've been wearing them nonstop. It's so easy to wear and they look great with leggings. I also have to add that these don't make my feet look big. I'm a size 8.5 and a lot of athletic shoes tend to make my feet look like I have clown feet, but these don't. So if you have slightly larger feet like me, I think these would be perfect for you.

Do you guys have a pair of shoes that are super comfortable and are perfect for those lazy days?


Maggie S.

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