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HM Chambray Shirt (Obsessed with this and this though)
Obsession Rules Snakeskin Heels (Similar here and here)
HRH T-shirt Chain Necklace (Similar here)

I'm keeping it really simple today with just a slouchy tee, a chambray shirt, and distressed skinny jeans. I call it my "artist" outfit because I wore this a lot throughout grad school minus the heels, of course. I barely slept and I would always sleep in till the last minute. So I had to get ready fast. I always felt like a chambray shirt just made me look a bit more put together, a bit more like an actual graduate student. Since I was at school the whole day, I needed an extra layer for warmth. (It got pretty hot in Davis.) 

Now that I'm out of grad school, I think heels and a great bag are the next level of looking even more professional. When worn right, clothes can look more expensive than they really are, but not so much in handbags and accessories. There's no point in spending over $200 on designer t-shirt. It's just not worth it. However, there's a big difference between a $50 bag and a $500 purse. My aunt has had this Louis Vuitton bag for over 15 years and not only is it in great shape, but it won't go out of style. Invest in items that can be worn for years to come.


Maggie S.

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