Asos Trench (Similar here and here)
HM Vegan Leather Leggings (Love this and this)
Asos Chelsea Boots (Similar here and here)
Chloe Sunglasses (Super on sale here!)

 I found these beautiful Chloe sunglasses for such a great deal at Nordstrom Rack and decided to pair it with my neutral outfit when I was in San Francisco yesterday. My friend told me these sunglasses usually retail for around $300, but they're selling it on Blufly for only a third of the price. The photo doesn't really do them any justice. It's a beautiful gradient blue with gold hardware on the edges. I don't spend a lot on sunglasses because of the fear of losing them or just messing them up so I used to buy a lot from Forever 21, but they were so flimsy, they'd break really easily. So I decided to invest a bit more in those Just Cavalli ones that I wear all the time. They're still my go-to sunglasses because they're really similar to those Ray Ban ones. (Ray Ban does not fit my face well at all.) But, these Chloe ones will be for more city-chic occasions.

Since the title is Gotham, I have to dedicate another post to the television series.

Penguin: I actually really like the nose prosthetic as it really enhances his birdlike character. His tuxedo with the pointy lapels and checkered vest are true to his original costume, but with a slight twist. I love how classic he looks with the mixing of different eras and silhouettes because it gives an ambiguity of what era he's from.

These sunglasses are seriously perfect for this role. Anything revolving around the face needs to be paid extra attention because that's where the eyes are naturally drawn to. So even though a pair of shades seem like it's no big deal, in actuality, they define everything. 

Hope you had a great Memorial Day!


Maggie S.


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