Opposites Attract

I always love pairing polar opposite fabrics together. Ironically, they match and create depth. 

HM Leggings (Love this and this)
Asos Chelsea Boots (How fab are these and these though?)
Botkier Honore Bag

I'm really loving chiffon tops lately especially since the weather is warming up. I love the lace detail on this one and how it looks like a vest. 

Anyway, I recently started watching a new anime called "Ace of Diamond," a series about high school baseball and the underlying message behind each episode really hits home every single time. (Pun intended) Like a lot of other Japanese anime, this one is no different, just as inspiring. It's about a 1st year who overcomes obstacles and remains hopeful even when things seem hopeless. The main character's (Sawamura) optimism is what drives him to push himself harder and harder to be the best pitcher. Einstein once said, "Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work." I'd like to add not only hard work, but hope, which is the foundation.

Anyway, hope this encourages some of you a bit if you're going through tough times. Don't give up!


Maggie S.

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