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I finally watched Disney's live action "Cinderella" and was very inspired so I donned my favorite pastel blue trench with my trustee Stuart Weitzman boots. I guess this would be more of a menswear inspired look, but nonetheless, the blue speaks for itself. I didn't want to sport the typical blue dress and call it "Cinderella inspired" because let's face it, everyone has already done that. 

Anyway, the film is beautifully made and when you have Oscar winning costume designer, Sandy Powell designing, you know you won't be disappointed. She did a 1940s/50s take on 19th century costumes; hence the looser hair curls too. 

Powell didn't want Cinderella in the typical rags. Instead, she opted for an innocent blue dress that eventually became more worn and dirty, which I think worked very well for the film. While watching, I didn't actually notice the pink floral on this dress. It's quite a nice touch.

Cate Blanchett looked like one of those models from a vintage Vogue magazine. All her dresses were so beautiful and elegant. You can tell right off the bat that she had extremely good taste and was not someone you would want to mess with. 

The step sisters' costumes were crazy and that was exactly the point - too much color, overly designed, and down right ridiculous. 

Helena Bonham Carter looked absolutely stunning too. Her costume kind of reminded me of Queen Elizabeth because of the collar and the bodice, but what I loved most about this dress was the pearlescent fabric. It was seriously magical. 

As for Prince Charming, he looked absolutely charming. That blue jabot matched his eyes perfectly and the floral detail on his coat couldn't be more perfect. 

This film is actually set in an entire different period than the cartoon version, but what made it work was creating iconic pieces into something new, yet familiar. There's no doubt that everyone remembered Cinderella in her blue gown and Prince Charming in a white. All Powell did was play off off of our memories and reinterpreted it.

Did any of you see the film? I heard they're doing a live action Mulan and boy, do I hope they don't screw up on casting. 


Maggie S.

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