Tahari Scallop Bag (Love this and this too)
Obsession Rules Python Heels (How perfect are these though)

It's my birthday today and I wanted to share something more personal with you guys. Honestly, the days leading up to my birthday was pretty torturous because I was going through a number of turmoils internally. I'm at that age where most of my friends are getting married and having financial stability whereas I'm still struggling to attain both. Turning another year older just felt like I was one step farther away from my hopes and dreams. People say, age ain't nothing but a number. True, but it doesn't make it any easier when you see everyone else doing better than you. 

As I'm sitting at my house, writing and reflecting, I realize I fell into the same trap that the Devil continues to lay before me. Instead of focusing on all the blessings I've had, I drown myself in negative thoughts and so-called "hardships." I have so much to be thankful for. I didn't have a car for a year and my friend gave me one. I mean, who does that right? I met important people from the fashion industry that people only dream of. I made great new friends. The bond between my brothers and I grew stronger than ever. I have an extremely patient boyfriend. And there's still more. I'm blessed beyond measure. 

So, for my birthday, I wish to be more like Athena. Another year may pass, but I hope to be wiser and to have the courage to fight battles. Thank you for joining me on this journey! I really appreciate all the comments you leave me. To another great year!


Maggie S.

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