Princess Diaries

Isabel Marant pour HM Heels (Similar here and here)

Can you believe this top is only $26? The Renaissance inspired cutouts that lay over the sheer black chiffon create a romantic look, fit for the modern princess. I've always loved intricate pieces and although I tend to draw near to items that have a rocker-chic vibe, there are definitely a few articles of clothing that I like to keep for special occasions. I mean, who doesn't want to be a princess? 

Speaking of princesses, I wanted to talk about costumes from The Princess Diaries. This film took place in the beginning of the millennium and still carried some of the 90s influence with it. 

I really liked the school uniforms. The bow with the longer blazer with the blue tartan skirt was just perfect. And, you couldn't stay warm in SF without those tall socks!

Gary Jones did a beautiful job in designing Anne Hathaway's reveal dress. The floral detail is reminiscent of late 18th century France, but the silhouette was modern, yet timeless. 

Anne Hathaway truly looked like a princess. What's always beautiful about these movies is that a golden heart proves to be more captivating than anything in the world. Clothes aren't supposed to weight you down or stir unwanted attention, but rather, it should be a reflection of your heart. Let your inner beauty radiate. What items in your closet make you feel like a princess? Please share! I'd love to know!


Maggie S.

P.S. I included some dresses that I think are perfectly princess appropriate. 

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