Nine Lives

I can never get tired of black skirts. They're super versatile and easy to match with everything. This "Nine Lives" skirt by Cameo is probably my favorite next to the Three Floor one I bought awhile ago. The best thing is, this one is on sale right now! It's slightly longer than your average mini skirt, but I personally think that's better for more modesty and not worrying about flashing anyone. (I always wear shorts underneath everything just for protection! You never know how many pervs there are out there!) The zipper detail is on point and is actually visually slimming because the 2 side zippers are pointing inwards and the longer zipper is placed more inward so it draws the eyes to the center of the skirt. 

HK Leather Jacket (Similar here and here)
Botkier Honore Bag

I paired this outfit with my new boots by Ivanka Trump. I'm probably going to sell this on Poshmark though because it's not a perfect fit. When I walk, it falls down and becomes mid calf boots. These would have been perfect if they were just tighter! (Follow me on Poshmark to see what I'll be selling: maggie12am)

Since my whole outfit revolves around the skirt called "Nine Lives," I thought it'd be fitting to dedicate this post to Catwoman. 

Julie Newmar was the original Catwoman. It looks like the fabric was made black lamé. Like everything else in the 60s, super hero costumes didn't contain as much detail as what we see today. The costume was amazing for its time period, but with newer technological advances in fabric, we no longer see the simpler designs anymore. 

Eartha Kitt's Catwoman costume is also very similar since they're from the same time period. 

I have got to say, Michelle Pfeiffer's costume is my favorite of all time. I don't know how much more sexy you can get from a suit that covers you from head to toe. The exposed stitching with the shiny patent leather is just the cat's meow. 

Halle Berry's costume is probably the most exposed out of all. It kind of has a dominatrix feel to it. This is probably my least favorite just because i don't see the need to be exposing that much skin when everything is already skin tight. Oddly, I feel it loses it's sex appeal.

Anne Hathaway's costume is my 2nd favorite. It definitely is sleeker and more modern. I love how the cat ears act as goggles. I feel like this costume can't get outdated because of how minimalistic it is. 

Finally, we have Camren Bicondova as Selena in Gotham. She kind of has a steampunk element to her look especially with those googles. I think for a young Selena, this works quite well. 

Wow, that was a lot of photos. Which Catwoman is your favorite? 


Maggie S. 

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