Dust It Off

Gray Duster Coat (Similar here and here)
Cartier Vintage Bag
Asos Boots

I love duster coats! They instantly dress up a plain outfit and this one from Nasty Gal is super light weight. My boyfriend actually commented on why I was so dressed up, but I assured him it was only because of the jacket. Haha. I personally like these better than the classic trench because it's less bulky and it gives a longer, leaner line. Maybe it's also because of the longer lapels that create a more sophisticated look.

Anyway, I've been on set for the past week and it's been crazy. I always say that, but this production has been the most challenging ever. I have never been this stressed and that's mainly because I've never had to deal with so many last minute problems. I've always been a great planner and I always over prepare. However, things kept going wrong last minute and I actually had a panic attack. I've never missed a single day of being on set, but this was actually the first.

All being said, this film is by far my greatest achievement. Not because of the costumes, but because I survived and made it through. We still have 2 more days of shooting and I can't wait till it's done.

Here's a link to it if you're interested. The donation is over, but you can see what the film is going to be about. It has a great message dealing with bullying.



Maggie S.

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