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Happy New Year everyone! Winter is finally here in California and it's totally the season to wear long coats. I've had this piece for over 5 years and it's kept me super warm. I think every girl needs a long black coat in their closet because it's just so versatile and it always looks classy. 

Who has seen Into the Woods? Colleen Atwood, one of my favorite costume designers of all time gave a modern twist to all the classic fairy tale characters. There's definitely a mixture of different time periods going on in all the costumes and so much symbolism that you really have to pay close attention in order to catch them. 

Meryl Streep pretty much stole the spotlight for this fairytale. She's just an amazing actress. The one costume request she had was to have comfortable shoes. That my friends, should always be a costume designer's priority because the actors are walking around in them all day and if you have something uncomfortable, it really hinders their performance. 

Did you know that Red Riding Hood's cape is actually made of suede? Like I said countless of times, red is the hardest color to get right on film and Atwood had a hard time finding that perfect shade of red.

Because the script dictated Cinderella to have gold shoes instead of glass slippers, Atwood had to come up with something more organic to match the slippers. She chose a dusky gold gown to resemble her mother's tree. You can also see how her slippers have leafy elements to them in the closeup. 

Rapunzel's dress had really beautiful bondage elements that you barely even notice, but it totally makes sense for her character. You can see it better in the sketch.

As for Johnny Depp's character, it was actually his idea to model after the Tex Avery's MGM wold cartoons from the 1930s and 1940s - hence the zoot suit and fedora. (He was seriously creepy in this film.)

There are so many other costumes to talk about, like Emily Blunt's or Chris Pine's, but you'll have to see the movie yourself.

For those of you who have seen it, which costume was your favorite?


Maggie S.

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