Winter White

H&M Cotton Shirt
Mom's Chanel Bag (Love this too)
Kenneth Cole Black Coat (Love this DailyLook one too - 40% off)

Excuse the uneven hem on my pants. Haha. Anyway, I'm such a California girl and I really can't stand the cold so I thought this would be the perfect New Year's Eve outfit to wear. Too bad I don't have a gray coat or else this would've been perfect. The top is festive and sparkly; the all white outfit gives off a clean crisp vibe and pants will definitely keep you much warmer than a skirt or a dress. 

I just saw Into The Woods in theaters today and really loved all the costumes. Colleen Atwood is seriously my favorite costume designer of all time. She puts so much detail in every garment and you really have to pay close attention to see everything. I'll do a costume post soon on it! Did any of you see the movie? My boyfriend was complaining about how it was another musical and didn't enjoy it, but coming from a theater background, I loved it.

What did you guys do for Christmas? I just had hot pot with my family and played board games all night. 


Maggie S.

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