Electro Power Grid

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I haven't done a costume design post in forever and thought this electric blue leather jacket and grid dress reminded me of Electro from The Amazing Spider Man 2. Costumes were done by the multitalented Deborah Lynn Scott, who's also known for Titanic, Avatar, Transformers, Back to the Future II and a plethora of other iconic movies. 

One of the biggest differences in the newer Spider Man rendition is the eyes. They're bigger, much bigger. The shape was extremely tricky to accomplish because a slight difference in curvature would make him look angry or evil and the design team wanted Spider Man to look powerful, but not menacing.

A little history 101: the webs on Spidey's outfit was such a huge nuisance that comic book artists actually changed his entire suit to black, but then reversed it after many, many complaints from fans. This proved to be just as much of a headache for the film. However, with the usage of screen printing, which resulted in smaller and more detailed webbing, it allowed the webs to highlight muscle curvature and made Andrew look more like a comic book hero. Pretty neat huh?

As for Electro, they wanted to bring him into the futuristic world, so instead of the green and yellow color scheme, they made it blue and I'm so glad they made that decision. He doesn't look dated and looks top notch cool. 

Who else watched this movie?

Hope you're having a good week so far!


Maggie S.

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