Dreaming of a White Christmas - Gifts Ideas for Under $50

Ann Taylor White Loose Knit Sweater  (50% off all sweaters right now)
Mangrove Scarf (also love this and this in cashmere!)
H&M Vegan Leather Leggings (Also wanting this cool moto one)
Asos Boots (love this cool detailed heel one and similar here)
Botkier Honore Bag (Want this and this though)

Christmas is my favorite holiday. People are cheerier. The streets are filled with beautiful decorations and the night is sparkling with lights on every street. But my favorite part about this joyful holiday is spending time with loved ones. One of best memories I have as a kid was when my family drove to Lake Tahoe to spend Christmas and my dad thought it'd be funny to drive in the snow with his big truck. Needless to say, we got stuck. I still remember that moment till this day. It was so silly.

What's your favorite Christmas memory?

I was at the mall last weekend and vowed to never shop during the holidays again. The lines were crazy and there was just way too many people. So, to help you guys out for the holidays, I've compiled a list of items under $50 for you to shop for your girlfriends.

During High School, Bath and Body Works was really popular. They always had such great deals and what kind of girl doesn't need more lotion? It was easy. But as I grew older, I started personalizing gifts and making them more special and meaningful. I began making gift packages and collecting small things here and there that reminds me of my dear friends. I started paying attention to their likes and dislikes. When I was broke, I either drew or made something for them and I honestly feel, they appreciate them much more than a bottle of expensive perfume. These gift ideas are somewhat generic and maybe they can be for people you don't know too well, but you feel obligated to get them something. They can also be stocking stuffers, but if they're your close friends, I'm sure you already know what to get them.

What do you guys usually gravitate towards when buying things for your friends?


Maggie S.

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