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HK Leather Jacket 

One of the best things about the patterns plaid, checkers, gingham, and tartan is how timeless it is. Plaid is always in style for Fall no matter what year it is and it's always good to invest in quality pieces that will last you for years to come. These patterns graced the runways this season so, if you're thinking about investment pieces, opt for something in the grayscale palette.

Here's a little history 101: Tartan is most often associated with Scotland and only North Americans refer to this type of pattern as plaid. However, tartan simply meant woven cloth and when it was first introduced, it didn't have any pattern at all. 

How about something you probably didn't think too much about? Burberry has their tartan pattern copyrighted and no one can reproduce that specific pattern ever. Pretty interesting right?


Maggie S.

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