Saving Private Ryan

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Camo print seems to never go out of style, but did you know, this particular type of print was only introduced at the dawn of World War II? Modern Op-Art and Cubism influenced the painters to create optical illusions to fool the eye. Its objective is to take advantage of the eye's flaws by confusing the brain into missing the target. There's a whole science behind how to create the perfect camouflage (pixelated vs. organic shapes) for the army that is still being worked on till this day.

Fashion is always changing, but I love reading the history behind garments. I love this Rag Bone jacket because it takes some elements of the old (camo print) and mixes it with the new (leather). 

I'm working on a World War II film at the end of the month so I wanted to talk a little bit about one of the best war movies ever made, Saving Private Ryan. Costume designs were done by Joanna Johnston who was also known for Lincoln.

At this point in time, troops weren't fully exposed to camo-print yet. You can see that, although the colors of their uniforms blend well to the background, they're still easy targets because there's nothing that fools the eye. 

Joanna Johnston did an amazing job with the costumes. She did her research and replicated the 1944 soldier uniforms exactly.

Costumes aren't always lavish. It's about bringing the director's vision to life. This film is supposed to realistic portrayal of the War, so it wouldn't' make sense for Joanna to design or add elements that were not period accurate. In the case of Les Miserable, military costumes were highly stylized because the whole film had a theatrical approach. 

Anyway, hope you guys found this interesting. 


Maggie S.

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