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Alice + Olivia White Vest (Similar here and here)
Coach Snakeskin Bag

Vests are great transition pieces because they keep you warm with an extra layer over your shoulders. Depending on the style, you can either dress it up or down. I personally love the more tailored ones. They add a bit of sophistication, if I must say, to a plain t-shirt and skirt look. 

Do any of you watch Sherlock? I watched all 3 seasons in one week because it was so addicting. Benedict Cumberbatch is pure genius and seriously, the best for this role. I love the newer interpretation and how it's set in modern times. Sarah Arthur, the costumer designer, also redefines Sherlock Holmes by putting him in sleek suits.

A well-tailored suit can really change a man's look. Thank the late 50s for the ultra skinny suit. In the show, Benedict Cumberbatch wears Spencer Hart suits and Dolce Gabbana dress shirts. 

For the new season, there were rumors of replacing Sherlock's coat, but Sarah confirmed that there would be no such thing. It's just too iconic. 

Don't know if anyone noticed, but Benedict hardly ever wore a white shirt. It was always light gray or pale blue. (It's not always best for the camera anyway because of the fear of overexposure.) The colors of his shirt did match the seasonal changes though.

Sherlock wouldn't be Sherlock without his infamous hat. They searched far and wide for the perfect one and guess where it came from? Scotland.

Do any of you watch Sherlock? I can't wait till the new season!


Maggie S.

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